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January 28, 2011

p.s. i made this

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you guys! listen! is the most ahhhhhmaaaahhhzing website ever. you can be cooler with everyone else - my basic goal in live when it really comes down to it. 

you can make:

Roll out the red carpet, it’s time to step and repeat.  Follow in the  ravishing, high-stepping, divalicious footsteps of Jennifer Lopez, who  dazzled in Zuhair Murad at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.  The Lebanese born designer, known for  his decadent embellishments, created a whimsical and sophisticated ensemble  fit for a queen.  Adding sparkle, shine, and glistening elements to  your look is required for any evening fete, if you ask me!
To create your own version of the caplet, use one yard of sheer silk chiffon, rhinestones or sequins, Gem Tac glue,  and a sharp pair of fabric scissors.  Round off 2 opposing corners to  achieve a lovely draping.  Measure the length in between your shoulders  and mark on the fabric for cutting.  Use scissors to create a slit for  the neckline.  Before gluing your choice of sparkle, line the underneath  surface with waxed freezer paper to keep from gluing down to the  surface.  After sparkles are glued, wait until it’s completely dry to  wear.  Get creative with your embellishments!  Style your caplet over  any dress and PS- you will impress!Diamonds may be a girls best friend, however I’ve always  hankered to dazzle and drip in colorful precious stones.  Were you born into a blah birthstone?  Teter between Aquamarine to Amethyst?  No  matter what stone you want to own, consider your wish granted! I’m  currently crushing on these gems: Mary  Katrantzou’s Fall 2010 Collection of Kaleidoscope graphic gem  dresses, McQueen’s  Gold Angel heels, I’m fallin’ for Fallon, and hot for Harry Winston! Bling is IN.  Achieve this look by recycling your fashion  magazines into gemstone earrings fit for a queen (or you)!
Cut out colorful gem  ads and editorial rocks and secure onto card stock using a glue  stick.  Paint a layer of Mod  Podge. Once dry, cut out around the outside silhouette of your  earring.  Use a glue gun and adhere onto a wide ribbon, trimming around  the edge and leave a slight border.  Punch a little hole and slide in your  earring wires.
P.S.- Gems are truly truly truly  outrageous!  (obvious 80’s Jem reference for the  younger set).Fashion, art, and creativity make the world go ‘round.  When all are combined, endless and innovative magic happens.  The never-ending cycle of a circle is something that is sought after.  This season, set your sights not only on infinite possibilities, but also scarves!  The circle scarf has become a staple in everyones’ wardrobe.  Infuse the essential chunky knit to stay cozy and au currant.  Continuous knit circle scarves can be worn long and loose or wrapped up right.  Either way you style it,  circle gets the square!
To create your own DIY circle scarf, simply cut off the bottom half of your sweater, hem the raw edge with Gorilla Tape by sticking halfway down, and folding over to seal.  After completely “hemmed”, roll underneath several times to hide the tape and create a soft edge.Birds of a feather flock together!  I teamed up with Who What Wear for a DIY that I’m DIY-ing over.  This season were seeing flirty and fancy feather detail all over the place.  Follow in flight and join the ranks of Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Cynthia Rowley, and more.  Boasting frilly feathers say a lot about your personality: You’re bold, a fashion risk taker, love to twirl on the dance floor, and have a keen eye for beautiful things.  Get involved with a trend that transcended from 1920 Flappers and continues to make our arms flap.  For a DIY do, take my advice and take the plumage plunge!
Choose your favorite feather trim and a skirt of the same color. With just a pair of scissors and fabric glue, you will be in business and ready to fly away with your newest DIY fashion.  Glue and wrap the entire way up, starting at the bottom, leaving approx. 2-3 inches.  P.S.- Check the weather report: Feather weather is in full effect!Its not a vest, its not a cowl, its a VOWL!  The luxe and long duster was inspired by the master crafter himself, designer & man-we-bow-down-to: Rick Owens! The American born designer hails from California, and is currently dreaming and designing in Paris.  Owens is wildly known for his avant garde approach to tailoring, draping, and the infusion of asymmetrical angels.  Take a note from the school of Rick and expect the unexpected.  I suggest taking risks and applying the “departure” approach to your own personal style.  Get inspired by a real genius, and get crafting…
To make a VOWL duster, use approx 3 yards of fabric (P.S.- Mood Fabrics has the best selection), and fold in half. Fold and glue down angled corners, which will create an A-line silohoutte. P.S.- Make sure you’re folding/gluing on the inside of the piece. Create an exaggerated fold at the top for the cowl collar (approx. 10 inches), and glue underneath the fold.  More experienced DIY’ers can opt to stitch. Measure your shoulder width, and cut arm holes just under the collar. Use a Large pin to close, or wear open for a more free-flowing option.

um yah!     Erica Domesek is my sartorial hero!

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