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January 27, 2011

Dear Geri, Thank you.

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I need to give credit when credit is due. Sometimes it takes me to get around to writing thank you's and so on. I thought I would send Geri a thank you for her graciousness and approachability via the internets. Every time I shoot her a Facebook message or silly e-mail she responds - quickly and with such sweetness. Last time I contacted her it was become I had just posted the doppleganger to the cardi she is wearing above. I snagged the Old Navy version for ten measly bones - and didn't know if Geri's sweater was toying with my emotions. While I clicked away feeling so nerdy - she dinged me right back faster thank I could say "I think I'm obsessed with Become I'm Addicted....". Her sweater was from Zara - and then I noticed how much more plush the fur was on hers. Damn you Geri, why do you always have to be so perfect? If i don't win those Hudson jeans I'm going to be furious, because I want to be as cool as you. She's literally a celebrity in the blogging world. While others haw and hem over there status Geri is totally nonchalant about being so amazingly amazing. Uh. Why does she have to be so nice?

So here is my thank you:

Dearest G,

Thank you for being so sweet to me. Even though I don't have status, the riches to buy new loubs every season or a blog that is as killer as yours - you've never neglected me. Your content on because i'm addicted rocks my socks off, and I'm insanely jealous of your gorgeous hair and're like really pretty. You also have the best style (out of any blogger in my opinion) because you keep it real. You don't try to hard - and you can sport a turban and not look homeless. Thanks for always responding to my menial questions about where you got your Lita's from, and what brand is this or that. You rock my fashion world.



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