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February 18, 2011

i hate wood.

Adam has this horrible table lamp in our apartment. It's wood, bland and extremely ugly. I'm wondering how pissed he would get if I secret spray painted it silver or gold, spray pained our side table white and switch out the lamp shade? After posting those pictures of an all white bedroom I want change! Granted we are only going to be in this apartment for a few more months i'm starting to get antsy. 

What to spray: Stools, louver doors, coatracks, shelves, frames, bulletin boards, ceiling fans, anything with detailed carving or grooves.

How to apply:
  • Wood is porous and must be sealed before you paint it. Apply a coat of aerosol primer to any wood surface, even if it is varnished. Sanding glossy or raw wood beforehand will result in a better finish with fewer coats.
  • Before painting a ceiling fan's wooden blades, remove them, then spray them separately.
RS paint pick: Kilz Odorless Aerosol Sealer-Primer (white only, about $5, and Krylon Interior-Exterior (62 colors, shown in Celery, $5.50 for store locations).

Also try: To simulate the look of metal on wooden objects, use Krylon Metallic Enamel Paint (17 colors, about $5, for store locations) or Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer (white only, $5,

here are some tips via:

just asked: he gave me a big fat "NO!" 

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