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February 17, 2011


Copy and pasted this info into a word document earlier today. I wish I would have noted the source. Great and easy to follow information here. So important. And now that my BFF is a SEO Copy Writer!

1. Imagine SEO as a pyramid: Start with a strong base of accessible, quality content. From there, focus on keyword research and figure out what content performs best. After that, invest in link building and start your social media efforts.
2, Consolidate your links to optimize search results. Using link anchors is a great way to sculpt page rankings without cluttering your page.
3. Public tweets and Facebook shares do affect search engine rankings, according to Google and Bing. So play up your social media efforts when you can.
4. Great content does not always mean great rankings. It’s a popularity contest, according to Fishkin. SEO is based on what content is referenced the most on other sites. So it still helps to invest in a hands-on effort to get your brand out there.

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