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April 17, 2011

Century Link. Epic FAIL.

I'm a sucker for customer service. If you're a. selling me something b. collecting money from me or c. want me to continue forking over copious amounts of money for your services that I can't live without, but could probably get from your competitors who are better quality and cheaper - then you better be nice.

Case and point, Century Link. Adam and I pay out the tushy for their services. We HAD to get a phone line because that is how their cable is accessed - it is probably about $100 a month if not a bit more. Mind you this is NOT including internet, our landlord graciously provides this for us. Now, Sunday nights are MY television nights. Especially tonight - Audrina, Real Housewives of Orange Country, Mob Wives, Khole and Lamar, Dance Scene, Saddle you see my point? Adam wanted to watch River Monsters. Low and behold we record all of these shows and watch them when we get a chance; however, tonight our television decided to free every five seconds making my Sunday night less enjoyable - especially when you have a ticked off boyfriend that is swearing at the television. I called and was asked whether I have: Prisim, Direct TV or Dish. Um...none of the above. My box says Motorola..."Well we don't provide Century Link cable miss!" "Isn't this the Century Link number? For cable? That is run by you?"

It went nowhere. I hung up. Feeling bad because Ashley is probably making $9.00 to have bitches like me call and whine that they can't watch women with fake boobs and tans spend their husband's 'money'. What a life.

Moral of the story: If you've moving to a new location. Research your cable options before you settle on one! It took the install dude (who were showing a lot of ass crack) about 8 hours to install ours. We have no need for a phone line (about $40 a month) so we are just giving them money for nothing essentially. Talk about NO return on investment.

Lesson learned!

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