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April 12, 2011

fashion stake.

FashionStake Inc.

Thank you for introducing me to Fashion Stake today. This is an amazing site - that lets you - the shopper - democratize fashion. According to The Cut even Gilt's co-founder has invested! It's sort of like a mini-etsy for fashion lovers. Some of the stuff is - UGLY, but some pieces shine (and are affordable)!

"A lot on the site won't blow your mind, but that's not necessarily the point — Fashion Stake is not trying to sell, or discover, the next Lanvin. Items are accessibly priced between $20 and $500, with the most popular pieces running from $100 to $200. There are distinct bright spots in the selection, which at times can feel like a sea of bad draping that desperately wants to be Ann Demeulemeester. Nicholas K even designed an exclusive collection for the site, which — though the label is pretty big for an independent-designer categorization — will surely raise Fashion Stake's profile. While a name you will recognize on the site is rare, some unknown Fashion Stake designers come aboard with feathers in their caps, having sold to Barneys or other department stores, for example. Fashion Stake's founders hope to help these up-and-comers blow up — which, they are aware, is very rare in fashion generally."

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