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April 16, 2011

Filthy Magic.

I was intrigued by a twitter follower - @filthymagic. I like to know who is checking out what I have to say and love to interact with them when they seem fabulous. I investigated and was in shock and in love at the Filthy Magic website. Designer inspiration for 10x less. Enter this bag: Hermes style (and it looks super quality) for $122! I can just see myself pulling together any outfit and looking so put together and chic with this bad. You should probably by everything! Below are some of my favorites!

Then this blouse had my little heart all a flutter. White, sheer, and PERFECT.
In serious lust with this coat. $228

$67 via Filthy Magic

Marc Wedges

Everything on the website stems from a deep appreciation for high fashion. Though the prices don't reflect it. I love any store that makes the looks we see on celebrities and in editorials accessible to the public. Most us of can't afford to spend $800 on shoes we are dying over - you know - things like rent, car payments and grocery shopping happen on a regular basis. Now - you don't have to crack your skull over huge credit card bills indulging in your fashion dreams is doable!


xtine said...

I just ordered that tiger maxi after lusting over it for months! I can't wait for it to arrive ;).

Molly Dixon said...

Ah! So jealous! Everything is perfect!!! You'll have to e-mail me an outfit post!