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April 26, 2011

FREE TANS!!!! - Get A Free Sunless Tan

Click on the photo above to great your FREE sunless tan! This is an insane offer, and Livesunless wants to give away 10,000 FREE tans before the end of the month! And if you live in my neck of the words make sure you get your tan at Secret Sun Salon. If you're in Milwaukee try out Ultimate Sun.

Tip: There is a certain very popular tanning salon in Milwaukee on Oakland avenue - I won't name names, but DO NOT attempt to Mystic Tan there. The booth is extremely outdated, probably by 10+ years, and once it only sprayed half of my body (if you can imagine). Other times I've had to get undressed and redressed several times to let the 'lovely' ladies upfront know that booth wasn't working. They then sent me home pale and would not refund my money, the male manager who finally called me back was even worse.

Customer service is everything and Secret Sun and Ultimate Tan will treat you with respect. If you have questions they are 100% knowledgeable. Enjoy guys! If you have any questions shoot me an e-mail: or a tweet at @Mckerihan.

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