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April 5, 2011

happy tan to you!

FREE Mystic Tan - you heard it right! Click on the link and print off the coupon (I think it might only be food for those who have never tried a spray tan or have no gotten one in the last 12 months).

Thanks to for the heads up on their facebook page!

I love the look of a tan and find that it boots my confidence and makes my legs look more toned and my abs seem more defined. I usually try to spray at night, after I've exfoliated in the shower. Then I go to sleep in an old long sleeve shirt and sweat pants. Make sure to use a pillow case that isn't white - if you sweat at all during your sleep it will rub off on the cotton (don't worry this is normal). When you wake up in the morning rinse off  in the shower and voila - paradise perfect!

If you've never gotten a spray tan before the new Mystic Tan booths have a voice that walks you through the step-by-step process. Most salons also have a video that you can watch - I'm a pro now, but if you're concerned don't be afraid to ask!


Morgan Laske said...

I'm so excited to try it! I'm headed to Charleston in a couple of weeks and thought I should go before my trip. Now I have no reason not to! Thanks for the b-day wishes :)

Molly Dixon said...

Mystic tans are definitely the best! Try to find a salon with an updated booth (they all work the same, but I like the new ones; which are much are high-tech). Hope your birthday was fabulous! x m