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April 1, 2011

in the news...

I'm killing time here. Le Beau is at a Physician Assistant conference and I got a manicure and am now pitter pattering away in the fancy lobby bar of the resort we stayed in last night. I typically hate reading the news and against my better judgement clicked through to CNN. At my previous job we read a lot of Jeffery Gitomer and the man is a strong believer that the daily news is an evil conundrum that will make you less happy, less productive and less of a professional. Well whatever...I'm bored and some current events might perk me up intellectually.
Too Thin?

Here's what I learned:

  • 49% of Americans do not exercise regularly.  
  • Meghan McCain thinks that the new HBO movie about her family with 'crucify' them.
  • I'm totally gullable and fell for Google's April Fools joke - really, Molly? 
  • People are buzzing about a model's weight again. SHOCKING. This week's target is VS model Candice Swanepoel.
  • There is a family getting a $54,000 tax refund. Note: they adopted five children.
  • Duty free shops usually aren't a bargain, so beware. 

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