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April 25, 2011

Kirbie and Michelle: Beautiful Blogging Buddies!

If I find a great blog I always try and share it with you, ya know? Because I'm sooooo nice. Or maybe I just want you to be as trendy and as well informed as this little lady - and by little I mean 5'9" and leggy. Not to brag or anything, but I have some insanely talented and beautiful friends.

The Shack Up

First up Michelle. She recently moved in with he swimmingly handsome boyfriend (funny fact: his last name is Twente - and pronounced like the number 20. How amazing? Mrs. Twente table for two? Love you Brett and Michelle!) The two recently took the plunge and moved in together. With views of the beautiful beach in Santa Monica might I add. Michelle being the bright young thing she is started a blog The Shack Up. She chronicles it all from IKEA to house guests. I'm so proud of her! We would both cry about the dudes that did us wrong in college. One time I though she was going to asphyxiate due to a crying binge while in her bra, I'm convinced I saved her with a bottle of cheap wine and the deleting of many a number in that iPhone (she has gone through like 7 by our senior year).

Next up Kirbie. Her newest blog Mentervention is shaping up to be the epicenter of the advice we all need. It's "A site for men...and the women trying to date them." - My gosh she is brilliant. Kirbie has been doing a Mentervention segment over on her blog Kirbie Goes to Hollywood, and I couldn't be happier that she took the jump to giving her idea it's own home! Her first post is about getting guys to speak up. This is something my near perfect boyfriend struggles with on a daily basis. After almost two years together you think he would just blurt out what is bugging him - WRONG - he goes into silent mode. I get irritated to no avail and he ends up calling me a 'bitch'. Today for instance he answered my question with a question as we were leaving the I slammed the gate you walk through to leave into his knee. Why wouldn't he just tell me he wanted Jimmy John's for dinner? So simple.

Congrats to my LA Ladies for the brilliant blogs. Rock on beauties!

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