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April 22, 2011

travel like a star.

Celebrity (life)style is one of the biggest fashion influences out there. We've all heard the tried and true right that celebrities are the biggest catalysts for endorsements on how to lie life right. Whether it be "The Rachel" haircut, or the svelte bodies that were so controversial when paraded around by Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. We all buy into it and if you're like me you look for ways to emulate their looks. I wanted longer hair = so I got extensions. I've been sick for over a week and was craving a tan like Kelly on the Real Housewives of New York = so I got a Mystic Tan. I want to be thinner = so I work out and eat healthy. And I want to dress like them...which is hard when you're not making ten million a movie and receiving clothes from PR houses. Regardless - no one can make you do something you don't believe in - but there is nothing wrong with wanting to look like a celebrity. If you're traveling this weekend take some tips from for inspiration of looking good on the go!

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