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May 3, 2011

Bauble Basics.

Bauble Basics.

Think the crisp white button down or little black dress. Basic pieces are the fundamentals of a chic woman. This applies to your jewelry box as well. I've been fortunate enough to garner some fabulous gifts from my parents over the years. (NOTE: I don't own diamond everything, but I do own similar pieces to those above. This set is not store/designer specific and similar styles and much lower price points are just as lovely!)

This is my basic bauble guide:

1. A simple pave band. Perfect for stacking or wearing alone - simple and beautiful.
2 A classic woman's watch. I love my Michael Kors GIANT watch, but my Tag Heuer works for interviews, layering with an arm full of bracelets and is a great everyday basic.
3.Pearl studs - I love a pair with extra detail.
4. Diamond studs. I received the most beautiful pair from my parents for my 21st birthday. I wear them almost religiously.
5. A simple cross necklace (or Star of David, Buddha...). Great alone or often layered.
6. Diamond by the yard necklace. Perfect example of budget friendly: I scored mine at Target for around $60! I wear it long or wrap it around my neck twice to wear it short. It compliments my other delicate necklaces lovely.
7. A pearl necklace (not the kind Samantha Jones wears).
8. A cocktail ring. Love this one from Kate Spade. I always find some great ones at Forever 21. Just make sure the rings you buy there are plastic, their metal rings will turn you green.
9. Silver hoops. Kyle Richards totally made me fall in love with giant hoops. Rosie Pope wears gold ones quite well. They look great with long flowing hair. TIP: Don't wear your hair up with hoops. You'll look like a cheesy rap video girl or a gang members girlfriend (brown lip liner optional). 

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