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May 18, 2011

Bristol's Face: In the name of medicine or vain?

Before and after pictures

I've been thinking a lot about Bristol Palin and her new face. Am I being mean or am I just curious? To tell you the truth, I'm just confused. I don't understand how jaw surgery can activate such a change in one's facial features. Her lips are more plump, her eyes brighter and more wide open, her jaw line so pronounced and her chin protruding. Where did all her excess baby fat go? Did the realignment of her jaw really cause that much change? One reader, Ashton, noted that she is slated to have the same surgery as Bristol, and she is adament that it is under NO circumstance plastic surgery. 

"Bristol told Us Weekly that she actually underwent "corrective jaw surgery," and that it is definitely not "plastic surgery." She explained that she does not "obsess over" her face, and then went on to say that she's "thrilled with the results" of her surgery and loves that she looks "older, more mature" and doesn't have "as much of a chubby little baby face."  - E! Online

In almost all the photos online all surgery subjects wear braces. I can see a noticeable difference, but it looks a tad off from what Bristol has done. This woman still has jowls and excess skin (Bristol had much more of a double chin before her procedure). Seaforth Oral Surgery provided a lot of insight on the process of Corrective Jaw Surgery. The redhead in the first set of photos looks to have more of Bristol's original facial features. And I can see where her surgery could have been more medical conditions; however, it still seems that she did have a few elective nip and tucks! 

I mean even her neck looks slimmer. For someone who said she isn't concerned with her physical apperance it looks like she's made a few changes: slimmed down, more make up, lost the spray tan, darkened her hair color, adopted a more polished hair style and what looks to be a new wardrobe/stylist. 

What do you all think: Was it in the name of medicine or in the name of vanity? 

I'm still confused...BUT...she does look great!

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Anonymous said...

sliding genioplasty also relatively under orthognathic surgery can enhance how the chin looks. even the shifting of the upper jaw can affect the nose. Also, recovering from the surgery involves not eating solids for up to a month which would definitely lead to weight loss perhaps contributing to a slimmer face and all.