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May 2, 2011

Gossip Grizzlies.

I'm been dealing with a lot of girl on girl drama lately. Someone says a joke - it spreads - and is completely misinterpreted. Feelings are hurt, rude remarks are made, friendships waiver and not matter how hard one tried to apologize for rectify the situation someone is always the bad guy. When I have a conversation with someone, at 24 years-old I expect that conversation to stay between the two of us. However, that's just not how it works. Remember in high school when you couldn't wait to grow up and not have to deal with gossip and means girls anymore? I used to dream about it every day. Then again in college...I can't wait for petty gossip to be done. Well it's been about six years since high school and 2 years since graduating college and people can not get over themselves. I am honest. If I say something about you, I will admit to it 100%. However, there has been cut throat talking on going behind backs these days. It's mean. It's laborious and it's left me feeling a little wounded for wear.

How do you deal with mean girls? I'm making a vow to stop talking about others. Even if what I say is an innocent joke. Because today I found out a 'new friend' had been talking about me behind my back this weekend. It really upset me. As women we should stick together!

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