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May 5, 2011

If only...

If only...

I've never been very talented when it comes to interior design. I usually stick to the bright and preppy. My walls are usually littered with vintage "Vogue" covers and old Parisian prints. Morgan, a fellow lovely from Whitefish Bay, has an awe inspiring blog Attention to Detail. I seriously need her to tutor me in the ins and outs of making a room look chic. I tried my hand at it above (yikes). I love the idea of all the pieces, but they just don't flow together. She recently wrote a post on Design in Black and White and I literally might have to just copy her post in out new apartment. Adam and I aren't quite ready to splurge on interior design yet. He's in his last year of graduate school and I'm just starting a business and in the process of navigating my place in the professional world. Again...It's so nice to dream! It makes me want to work so hard, so that I can have the beautiful home I know we both deserve. 

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