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May 31, 2011

laughing lately.

  1. I came home today and lunch and Adam was making a spreadsheet, on Excel, of dogs. The pros and cons of each breed.
  2. I then came home after work and saw that one of our front windows had blown off, shattered, and a lovely black paper bag was acting a shield.
  3. I witnessed a light pole (around 30 ft. +) blow over into oncoming traffic outside of my office. I hate wind.
  4. I realized my full on hatred for acrylic nails and adult women that wear their hair in pigtails.
  5. Adam found the puppy of my dreams. An Aussiedoodle; however, we aren't getting a puppy until there is a ring on my finger and a house with mortgage payments. (He just informed me they come in miniature sizes, but said I can't get one). 
  6. Adam is being bossy about dogs. Even though he is lazy and I will end up doing everything. He will just love them and fatten them up.
  7. I tried going on a walk. I walked for 20 minutes and realized how bored I was with myself, alone in nature, even though Adele was playing. I also ran from a flock of geese and two young lads on bicycles.
  8. Everyone looks better tan.
  9. I found a swimsuit top that my lovely mother is buying me. It's hard being a girl. 
  10. Advice: don't walk for an hour in flip flops. You would think working out everyday would callus my feet, um no...I'm currently sporting a torture chamber below my left big toe. 
  11. I saw an old man fall off his scooter last week. He hit a curb and fell into traffic. I screamed and drove my car down the wrong side of the street. He was drunk and didn't appreciate my concern.

My life has been pretty funny lately.

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