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May 4, 2011

Mess Mess Molly.

I usually rant pessimistically after I get my hair professionally done. I have high standards, as any normal lady should. My hair is either left: too dark, too light, uneven, grays uncovered (Yes, at 24 I possess gray hair on the crown of my head), streaky, mismatched, choppy. Literally I could go on and on and on.  Once I realized I had an innate talent for doing my own hair I tried to take the reins, only to be seduced back into the salon thinking the pros know better. FACT: You know yourself better than anyone. If you can't find someone that listens to you - NEVER go back!

I have extensions  (Again. I'm vain. My hair doesn't grow and I've always wanted a long and thick mane). I wash my extensions far less than my normal hair. However, the last lovely lady that did my hair over saturated my said extensions. They were black, as opposed to the warm dark brown my normal tresses were colored. I didn't dare go back to her, she already screwed up once, so I treked over to Sally Beauty Supply to strip my hair. I matched it perfectly! Two months later, the top of my hair is significantly lighter than the bottom half, that ugly line of demarkation reared it's pesky head once again. I didn't feel like making an extra trip to Sally's so I picked up some drugstore color. I've had great success with Clairol colors - - - UNTIL NOW.

Anyone that tells you they love Clairol Nice'n Easy Foam is LYING. This is hands down one of the worst beauty products I've ever used. I knew I should have shelled out the $12 for the John Frieda brand (ugh only a $4 - that is what I get for trying to save money).

1.It's not foam. It's a watery substance.
2.It got everywhere. It flew to and fro when I tried pushing it out as the directions suggested. NOTE: There is not a foam pump, like on Dial brand foaming soap, you have to squeeze the bottom upright.
3.I've never had a hair color stain my skin like this. I scrubbed for 30 min and even used my special, battery powered ex-foliating brush. I'm dalmatian chic.
4.I soaked through the gloves. A purple secretion.
5.It has to sit for 25 minutes. I much prefer 10 minute color.
6. It was very hard to spread evenly through my hair. It says apply like shampoo. Nothing like shampoo at all.
7.Did I mention it got everywhere? Splatters and more splatters!

PRO: The color was a perfect match. Dark Brown is one the easiest colors to match to technically I'm going to give myself 100% credit for this one. As I'm sure any brand would have looked like this. Minus the mess!

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