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May 18, 2011

My new project: ILYBWABF

Boyfriend…husband…either way Miss Rimes (now Mrs. Cibrian) I liked you better when you were a loyal country singing wife, and not husband thieving minx. 
LeAnn Rimes has turned into a shell, literally, of her former self. Emaciated, faux chest and revealing wardrobe(a’la Cibrian’s Ex-wife).

I had this idea a couple of days ago. It wasn't a mean idea, just something I had noticed welling up in me. There are certain girls that are tolerable with a boyfriend; however, when they are dumped/duped/lied to/cheated on by their significant others they leech on to the closet thing resembling a possible suitor. Regardless of his wife/girlfriend/homosexuality they flirt and fuss (attempt to) work their way into his heart (pants).

So....then I birthed this: I Liked You Better With A Boyfriend

Obviously...I'm not mean enough to post quips about girls I know. Frankly, I don't really have this boy thieving problem with Adam, but I have in past. High School and College girls...woof...can be ruthless. I'm going to stick to celebrities, socialites and royalty (possibly government officials) oh and reality stars.

I only have two posts up: LeAnn Rimes and Blake Lively.

If you can think of anyone (famous) that you'd like to see shoot me an e-mail. I'm looking forward to letting my snarky and sarcastic side speak in another outlet.

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siddman said...

Usually women tend to do this more: