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May 1, 2011


Adam now hold the record at the Hooters in La Crosse for consuming the most wings in one sitting. 61 to be exact. 

Taking in the draft with Kim. One of my favorite girls in LAX.

My dad. How adorable. I stopped by my grandma's and she took me down memory lane. Complete with photos of me as a newborn, my sisters and me on Christmas from 10 years ago and my first communion. 

Couple selfie. It's not narcissism if people encourage it. 

You may reconize that the shirt being worn in this photo is from the photo above and below, via the night before, and Adam is wearing it. In this photo a lady as it on. That lady is me. I sported it to lunch (we stayed the night at a friends - DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE). I tucked it in, about 16 inches of extra fabric, threw on my leopard flats I stuck into my purse and called it an outfit. It actually turned out cute, but the cut was NOT flattering. 

Again. I kind of love him. 

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