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June 30, 2011

Lust List: Red all over.

Add a little spice to your step in these J Brand Skinnies. Hot mama!

Thursday Snap Shots.

I bought this dress about two years ago. I always seem to pass it by and then throw it on when the weather is going to be warm and I know the office will be hot. Today was one of those days. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how flattering in and how many convos the neck starts. It's a fairy conservatively cut dress, but with a lovely and unexpected detail. I'll have to move it up to the front of the closet and wear it more often!

I decided the change things up on the wrist today. I was in a bit of a summer mood and threw up some colored bracelets I had lying around and my old Michael Kors watch. Holy crap my wrist either got smaller or my watch got bigger! I can't believe I wore this clunker everyday. Story: I relieved a beautiful Tag Heuer watch for my 18th birthday. Somehow my little sister got her hands on it and took it back to college with her. She left it lying around aka someone stole it or she just lost it, so I told my dad I needed this watch. This was after I finished wearing a lovely borrowed Rolex from Schwanke-Kasten. I love this MK watch but it just seems so huge now! 

June 29, 2011

Beer and the Beau.


gorgeous inspiration from my style pill… love the gold & turquoise tones!
Turquoise and Gold.
Happiness is wearing this shade of yellow.
What a Style Goddess.
How do you sparkle? Show us here—it may be featured on our Tumblr!
Crisp White Shorts.

(via Event Inspiration / For The World To See (lavinrac: (via a-ladys-findings,…))
4th of July Inspiration.

The Glitter Guide Tumblr makes my heart a flutter and eyelashes bat. I hope these beautiful photos via GG leave you feeling refreshed and optimistic for a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend. What will you be rocking? 

My list of Must-Haves:

  • Red.White.Blue Bikini
  • Nude Wedges
  • White cropped jeans
  • Sheer silk blouses
  • A hot pink party dress
  • Jeweled Sandals (The these from Fibi and Clo)
  • Red nails
  • Bronzed legs courtesy of sunless tan wipes 
  • Vintage Levi cut-offs
  • Anything crochet!

P.S.Beer. Hot dogs. Sparklers. & Smooches with your beau under the fireworks!

Lust List: Sneak Peek.

I adore this ONE by Gypsy Crochet Maxi Dress. I love how ShopBop styled it. The pinned back hair, loose waves and simple nude sandals. I'm even seeing two-in-one dressing here: throw on a belt and hike up the skirt for a mini that would be perfect for a night out. If it cools down a night, how perfect would a jean jacket (or shirt) look? Just enough skin to bring all the boys to the yard.

(I'm drooling over this dress too!)

Thank you Alice + Olivia


It's that time of year again. If you're from Milwaukee then you know what I'm talking about. The World's BIGGEST music festival. It may not be as trendy as Coachella or as chill as Bonaroo or as wild as Governer's Ball, but it's a 10 day fest of great music, great food (hello Saz's fries) and lots and lots of Miller products. Friday night we are heading down to the lakefront to see GirlTalk - my ultimate workout band and greatest mash  up of the songs you know and love. I can't wait. I've wanted to see him DJ so many times, but alas this will be my first. Saturday, it will be Phil Vassar. Some other names playing: Kanye West, Maroon 5, OAR, Jason Mraz, Britney Spears. It's kind of the epitome of big names this year.

I've been going since I was in 8th grade and though I'm not one of those scary adults I can't help but getting excited for this. I don't plan on blacking out or puking my guts out on Bicardi Limon, but I am going to have a hell of a time. I think this is actually my 2nd time going since turning 21...and now I'm 24...god so old. I've been going to Summerfest for 10 that...even possible?

So excited. To stalk go to: (oh and it only costs $15 a day - so the price is WAY better than shelling out $300 to look awesome in crochet and cut offs).

June 28, 2011

light vs. night

light vs. night.

Take a simple dress and add some killer accessories. These babies could all be on the lust list, but I love the idea of being able to wear one dress in two drastically different looks. A little boho and free or dark and mysterious lady who lunches. Which one is more you? I would rock them both, but I'm dying over that colored Missoni necklace and I am waiting lovingly for my Cambridge Satchel. I can't help but picture every outfit in my wardrobe with a pop of neon color. The kelly green is a great classic staple - the shape will never go out of style!


Pampered Pooch

can do tuesday!



The back of Rosie’s gown is show-stopping.
A dress. That's All. 

Lust List: Melon Must-Have.

This Rory Becca shirt is to die for! With it's $176 price tag, could you make it worth the splurge?

St. Christopher Contest!

St. Christopher Medals - What Color Are You? Show us a picture of you, wearing yours, and tells us where ... at the end of the month, we'll draw a name from those who post -- and the winner will win a "dime-size" medallion!

The winner will be announced THIS FRIDAY, JULY 1st!!! HURRY!!! 

To enter post your photo to the Schwanke-Kasten Facebook Page!

June 27, 2011

I'm back...sort of!

I swear with my whole little heart that I'm not ignoring you. I am swamped with various everyday occurances and traveled to Minneapolis this weekend to visit one of le beau's best friends from high school. We visited an enchanting bar, Psycho Suzy's, and it was quite amazing. Adam's fried, Matt, and I found great pleasure in these giant glasses. I'm sure where they came from, but they were insanely fun. Note: our server did not like when we were trying to split the bill 27 and Mr. Mills was sporting said specs. Quite entertaining. I'll be back to schedule fashion finaggling in a few days. I'm overwhelmed with life and desperately trying to find clothes for work and play - it's not easy. If you see anything I might like don't hesitate to e-mail it my way! I've literally hit up every website I can think of and I'm not falling in love: Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Shop Bop, Planet Blue, Singer 22, Zappos, Piperlime, J.Crew. I managed to put 3 shirts into my shopping cart, but wimped out at Shop Nasty Gal.

Right now I'm loving the shirt above. To buy or not to buy. I love the belt and chain detail. But again...I get gun shy. Why is it when we can buy - we never can!

(Note I will put in links later. I am so exhausted. I don't even know if I can blow dry my hair or refill my Bopple.)

June 24, 2011

It’s officially Summer. The season of pool parties, bronzed bodies and au natural highlights. My favorite season of the year (though not when I resided in Arizona). A typical weekend’s wardrobe consists of a sundress/romper/shorts/skirt combo and a swimsuit. If you’re like me and all lank with a chest, finding a swimsuit that fits can turn you into a serious drama queen. Enter ViX. A Luxurious swimwear line, that is also one of the most flattering brands in the marketing place. You’ve seen everyone rocking ViX from the Kardashians, Brooklyn Decker and the models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The swimsuits exude a class confidence that will make everyone at the pool, beach, or on the boat jealous! There are so many styles to choose from – and I even have a special offer for you, my beautiful readers! 

The suits are amazing and the "Bia" style as seen on Kim and all the celebrities above is by far the most popular. It's flattering on all different body styles: HELLO! A preggo J.Lo and ripped Megan Fox box look amazing in this style. If that's not proof I don't know what is. Now until the end of June - which is coming quickly- ViX is offering 15% off of sale items! 

June 23, 2011

Chanel: Fall 2011. Nail Polish Nation.

chanel fall nail polish collection

Beautiful! And the Peridot is perfect for Green Bay Packer fans (only sort of joking)!

Lust List: Affordable Version

My Twitter (follow me!) was a flutter with talk of these sandals today. First Merritt posted a pic and then my friend, Laura, from college way back when at Arizona State University tweeted she has a pair as well! I did a little research (and assumed they were WAY out of my price range) WRONG! At $45 I didn't hesitate clicking buy and they will soon be mine, mine, mine!

P.S. Merritt has the best shoe collection ever and is always introducing me to great products via her blog! And Laura has always been one of the most stylish girls. She exuded this Texas class that was so inviting! Thanks for the inspiration girls!

June 22, 2011

Can't rain on my parade...

Just a little rain wear today. Thank goodness for Hunter Wellies. 

June 21, 2011

Date Night. Babed Out.

Date Night. Babe-d out.

It's a Lash Story.

I am obsessed with eyelashe.I'm the biggest fan ever of Xtreme Lashes. The company is so professional and their stylists are amazing; however, I recently moved to Rochester, MN and there are no certified stylists in the area - and I trust no one else near my money makers. For a while I was tempted to try strip lashes. I had used the individual Ardell brand at the recommendation of Julia Allison.

In my lash envy I noticed Kimmy Huynh, one of my favorite bloggers, had the most stunning lashes on a daily basis. She has a similar lash obsessed as chronicled on her blog. Neither of us were born with the fringe around our peepers that we sport on a daily basis, but Kimmy pulled off falsies flawlessly.

I bought strip lashes and failed - failed so horribly. I ended up ripping half of my wimpy hairs out. I e-mailed the Fabulush blogger hoping she could share some of her wisdom with me (this was a couple of months ago and being a bad blogger I totally forgot to follow up)!

"I have always been a firm believer and preacher or drug store lashes, I actually have been wearing them like crazy since I plucked out the last few lash extensions (if something isn't perfect looking, I go crazy - the smart thing to do would have been to get a touch-up, but I was too impatient)

For day use: I recommend Ardell in #110 - it's just enough length and fullness without going over-the-top for daytime
For night: I love #120, they are also called Demi Wispies - they add the drama and just make your eyes pop without being overtly fake."

I took her advice and stuck to the Ardell brand, I think I bought every pair possible trying to find the right fit! The Ardell Invisiband Lashes are my favorite so far. They are easy to apply and in the "Babies" you can wear the style everywhere and no one knows! I have small eyes and these are a perfect size. The "Glamorous" lashes are better for a night out and the "Demi Wispies" are so pretty as well. You can get some styles at Wal-greens, but for better quality stop into a Sally Beauty Supply (they have an extensive selection). The lashes run between $3-$6 and I can usually get about 2-3 uses per pair. The Ardell glue isn't that great - I got mine at Sephora. An $8 tube lasts forever.

Here is in a fun poll via the Huffington Post Easy on the Eye: Whose lashes are real/fake?

Cameron on a roll.

Which is Cameron Diaz's Sexiest "Bad Teacher" Outfit?
Cameron Diaz

She's on a roll that's for sure! Which look is your favorite? I love love love when celebrities with great style go on press tours. "Bad Teacher" looks hilars (and JT is in it), so I'm thinking Cameron can't really go wrong this summer. The black jumpsuit was a new look for her, I don't think I've seen her in anything quite like it, and it totally works. I love that she is staying true to her leggy self and keeping her hemline short. If you've got it, flaunt, with a smile and confidence to boot! I think she looks gorgeous!

Live Sparkly by Society Social.

I love love love this Company Overview by Society Social.

Society Social was   founded primarily on an unabashed rose-tinted ideal that life is what you make of it. Dreams and luck really do exist with fierce hard work, being kind is just as important as cunning business sense, and that every happy ending is duly punctuated by a boisterous "Cheers!"

June 20, 2011

To my bestest:


I'm so lucky to call you one of my dearest and oldest friends. I hope all your birthday wishes came true, you deserve them to!

All my love!!! 


big kisses - MOZZLE

Do. Diaz.

Loving this airy look Cameron Diaz is rocking. Nude looks have had the blogs a flutter this summer, and I'm all about the look. Here are my suggestions for getting your Diaz on. 


Images via Possessionista and her designs were inspired by The Vanessa Mooney Waffer Bracelet. So so so so cute. I especially love the pink and blue. Need to get my little paws on one! 

D&G Dress. Again...

The dress of the summer. In a photo via Fabsugar has been the 'IT' dress. I can't pick who wore it best because they all bring their own unique spin on it. However, I love how Diane kept everything simple and really let the dress shine. Selena's hair is maybe a bit much, Alessandra is awfully tan, and I don't love Kate's boots (but I do adore her).

It's here! It's here!

In LOVE with my new Dani Notes iPhone case.

Thank you Dani!!!! xxxooo
Check out Dani Notes on Etsy: HERE.

June 19, 2011

Late on the lust wagon.

Shoe lust. Casadei Platform.

Seaside Edge.

Check out my guest curator feature on! I love the layout AND I love the site!!! Time to do some accessories shopping…
Katrina of Pink Memo and Nonsociety.


I’ve often wondered if Dad wanted a son. I know Dad wanted me, but perhaps if he were given a choice, he’d have chosen a boy? How different it would have been for him to raise a son. Imagine being that son. The pressure to be charming, wildly talented, suave, stylish, graceful, dapper…the all-around guy. Perhaps it was a relief to have a girl.” 

-Cary Grant's Daughter 

Sometimes I wonder this about my dad. Then realize that he loves his three girls more than anything, and Griffin (our boy dog) has given him enough grief to realize how utterly lucky he is. There is no love like that between father and daughter. Our dad will always be our protector, our hero, our safe guardian. We will always look at him with an understanding of what it means so have someone so great love us to the moon and back. I’m so thankful for my dad. He is the best and probably the coolest: he snowboards, he tells inapprorpiate jokes, he sometimes acts like a frat boy to my mom’s dismay, he can chill out in cargo shorts and flip flops, he has tried to rap to nelly, he buys of vodka at costco (or sometimes Captain Morgan), he tries to make us drink sips of his scotch on the rocks at dinner and then laughs when we make a sour face, he has been through more than I ever could imagine, and when I’ve seen him cry it breaks my heart like nothing else. I can’t imagine my life without him, I might be less funny, less prepared for the real world, less stylish, less understanding. He gets made at me, but for reason and always understands (but is still usually pissed) when I spend too much money at the bar and need an extra $100 to get my through the week. He believes in me and my sisters like no one else (except for you mom!). 
Happy Father’s Day. To my perfect Dad. 

Turquoise Statements.

Styled: St. Christopher

{Please excuse the sad puppy eyes} I wanted to show you how I normally style my St. Christopher. Yes, I was in my car, in a parking lot, but duh I'm a girl on the go. I love how they look so effortlessly throw together. Silk shirt, side pony and all. 

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! 


June 18, 2011

Wedges Part II

The Nine West espadrilles I bought yesterday were the most painful shoes I've ever stepped into. I was bawling downtown in sheer pain. Lesson learned: always have flats in your purse and don't by shoes with a steep wedge and little toe support. I needed something with black and admittedly these are still brown, but the black piping helps tie them in with the rest of my wardrobe. Macy's was kind enough to let me exchange the shoes and I walked away a happy camper. Though my feel are still ripped to shreds and swollen. 

...Time for a glass of wine! 

June 17, 2011

Saturday Style.

This dress is perfect for day or night. I love it.

I love these classic sandals.

Add a Panama Hat for a little style - and you've got the perfect outfit.

June 16, 2011

Meet: Dani Silver of Dani Notes.

You know those iPhone cases that everyone freaked out over? And rightly so because they are tres amazing. Well, Meet Dani Silver, the beauty behind the brains of Dani Notes. As soon as I came across the chevron and monogrammed iPhone case, I knew that it had to be mine. I asked the lovely Dani if she would answer a few questions for my readers, and she kindly obliged. She is such a southern belle and has  three of the most handsome little gentlemen calling her mommy. After reading her answer to question one, I adore her even more. What seven year-old throws a dinner party? that has kickarse stationary, duhhhh!  

How did you start Dani Notes?
Dani Notes really came about when I was in Elementary school. I LOVED to make cards and especially invitations for pretend parties. My most memorable invite was a dinner party for boys and girls in first grade. I handed out the invites at school and the kids took them home...then the phone started ringing...mothers were inquiring about why my mother was hosting a dinner party for 7 year olds that lasted until 8:30! Fast when my friends started getting married, hosting showers and having babies. Everyone was always asking me to make invites and thank you notes; this is when Dani Notes became a business. 

What is your personal style?

Preppy with a twist

Favorite designers?

Tory Burch,  Lilly Pulitzer,  and some smaller ones that I do love just as much...Jules Reid, Emmerson to name a few.

What shoes are you most likely to wear out and about during the day?

Rainbows. I wish I could say one of my nice pairs, but these are comfy and living down south I can get away with wearing them all year round.

Lipstick? Lipgloss? Lipstain?

Lipgloss...still a favorite, Bonnie Bell bubble gum lip gloss.

Favorite hair product?

Moroccan Oil

I can't leave the house without...

My iPhone and sunglasses

On date night with your hubby what would we seen you wearing?

Something fabulous from my closet. I love to get dressed up...sometimes I think I should throw on a dress for mac and cheese with the boys!

Pepsi or Coke?


What is your favorite Dani Notes product to design and make?

I do love the iPhone cases, but people are CRAZY over these’s like I was creating their wedding china. My other favorite is Children's b-day invites...helping moms pull together the entire parties. Colors, cake, favors, etc. So fun to see how it all comes together. 

What's always in your purse?

Lip gloss, iphone, wallet, make up bag (funny I don't wear makeup!), sand (always seems to end up in there), matchbox cars, water bottle and sharpies

Sabre Runway. Shades you need stat.

You need these sunglasses now.

 Available in black for $100.

(Also on in Tortoise for $75!)

June 15, 2011

Style Secret: St. Christoper Medals from Schwanke-Kasten

I've been giving and receiving St. Christopher medals since I can remember. I have one in almost every color and size. They can be made into earrings, long or short pendants on a necklace, signet like rings, key chains (I gave the lovely boyfriend an engraved one), they are put on charm bracelets and I even have a friend who has a bracelet with just "St. Chris" (this is their abbreviated name - know it. love it.) medals as charms. St. Christopher is the patron saint of safe travel, and in my hometown, if you aren't wearing a St. Chris, then you haven't lived. They are a preppy staple and almost every friend I know has one and has probably received it from me.

I would always get complimented on this turquoise color whenever I was flying to and from college in Arizona, "Oh you can them at Schwanke-Kasten in Whitefish Bay" - such hometown pride. When I worked for my aunt and uncle at Schwanke's one winter break, while home from college, they couldn't keep them in stock fast enough. It's so amazing to see how crucial picking out a medal is: what size? what color? what length chain? It would turn into an hour process of lovingly trying every color and size combo on, but that just meant you went home with the right pick for you!  I loved when moms would come in and by them for their young sons, Schwanke's has a great black cord that worked awesome for boys.

I have a little box of them in my closet - purple, teal, white (it's giant and one of my favorites), emerald green, mustard, silver...they come in so many colors. They are extremely affordable. There are four sizes that range from: dime, nickel, quarter, and jumbo (my favorite) and are priced from $35 to $85, and I definitely suggest getting it engaged with your initials - that why you can flip it around and have a signet type necklace! You can order the medals online or call 414.964.1242 (the Whitefish Bay) or 414.271.1242 (the Downtown Milwaukee).

Here is the direct link to the website:

P.S. They look amazing layered with other necklaces. Ex. my sideways cross and 'diamonds' by the yard!

Featured above:

Sara Berman Leopard Clutch
Pour La Victoire Macaria Sandals

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Sad blogger...

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Please take your lovely selves over to Facebook and LIKE ME!!!!

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June 14, 2011


We all need a little bit of color in our summer staples. Intermix (via Facebook) posted an awesome picture from Honestly WTF. You've seen the wrists of your favorite bloggers and mind adorned with throw back bracelets. Everyone from Shut up I love that Shirt on you to the The Manrepeller has been rocking roped wrists. Frieda&Nellie make the most whimsical jeweled bracelets ( I think I posted about them a year ago). I'm in love (and what a great gift for your best gals).