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June 19, 2011


I’ve often wondered if Dad wanted a son. I know Dad wanted me, but perhaps if he were given a choice, he’d have chosen a boy? How different it would have been for him to raise a son. Imagine being that son. The pressure to be charming, wildly talented, suave, stylish, graceful, dapper…the all-around guy. Perhaps it was a relief to have a girl.” 

-Cary Grant's Daughter 

Sometimes I wonder this about my dad. Then realize that he loves his three girls more than anything, and Griffin (our boy dog) has given him enough grief to realize how utterly lucky he is. There is no love like that between father and daughter. Our dad will always be our protector, our hero, our safe guardian. We will always look at him with an understanding of what it means so have someone so great love us to the moon and back. I’m so thankful for my dad. He is the best and probably the coolest: he snowboards, he tells inapprorpiate jokes, he sometimes acts like a frat boy to my mom’s dismay, he can chill out in cargo shorts and flip flops, he has tried to rap to nelly, he buys of vodka at costco (or sometimes Captain Morgan), he tries to make us drink sips of his scotch on the rocks at dinner and then laughs when we make a sour face, he has been through more than I ever could imagine, and when I’ve seen him cry it breaks my heart like nothing else. I can’t imagine my life without him, I might be less funny, less prepared for the real world, less stylish, less understanding. He gets made at me, but for reason and always understands (but is still usually pissed) when I spend too much money at the bar and need an extra $100 to get my through the week. He believes in me and my sisters like no one else (except for you mom!). 
Happy Father’s Day. To my perfect Dad. 

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