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June 21, 2011

It's a Lash Story.

I am obsessed with eyelashe.I'm the biggest fan ever of Xtreme Lashes. The company is so professional and their stylists are amazing; however, I recently moved to Rochester, MN and there are no certified stylists in the area - and I trust no one else near my money makers. For a while I was tempted to try strip lashes. I had used the individual Ardell brand at the recommendation of Julia Allison.

In my lash envy I noticed Kimmy Huynh, one of my favorite bloggers, had the most stunning lashes on a daily basis. She has a similar lash obsessed as chronicled on her blog. Neither of us were born with the fringe around our peepers that we sport on a daily basis, but Kimmy pulled off falsies flawlessly.

I bought strip lashes and failed - failed so horribly. I ended up ripping half of my wimpy hairs out. I e-mailed the Fabulush blogger hoping she could share some of her wisdom with me (this was a couple of months ago and being a bad blogger I totally forgot to follow up)!

"I have always been a firm believer and preacher or drug store lashes, I actually have been wearing them like crazy since I plucked out the last few lash extensions (if something isn't perfect looking, I go crazy - the smart thing to do would have been to get a touch-up, but I was too impatient)

For day use: I recommend Ardell in #110 - it's just enough length and fullness without going over-the-top for daytime
For night: I love #120, they are also called Demi Wispies - they add the drama and just make your eyes pop without being overtly fake."

I took her advice and stuck to the Ardell brand, I think I bought every pair possible trying to find the right fit! The Ardell Invisiband Lashes are my favorite so far. They are easy to apply and in the "Babies" you can wear the style everywhere and no one knows! I have small eyes and these are a perfect size. The "Glamorous" lashes are better for a night out and the "Demi Wispies" are so pretty as well. You can get some styles at Wal-greens, but for better quality stop into a Sally Beauty Supply (they have an extensive selection). The lashes run between $3-$6 and I can usually get about 2-3 uses per pair. The Ardell glue isn't that great - I got mine at Sephora. An $8 tube lasts forever.

Here is in a fun poll via the Huffington Post Easy on the Eye: Whose lashes are real/fake?

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