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June 16, 2011

Meet: Dani Silver of Dani Notes.

You know those iPhone cases that everyone freaked out over? And rightly so because they are tres amazing. Well, Meet Dani Silver, the beauty behind the brains of Dani Notes. As soon as I came across the chevron and monogrammed iPhone case, I knew that it had to be mine. I asked the lovely Dani if she would answer a few questions for my readers, and she kindly obliged. She is such a southern belle and has  three of the most handsome little gentlemen calling her mommy. After reading her answer to question one, I adore her even more. What seven year-old throws a dinner party? that has kickarse stationary, duhhhh!  

How did you start Dani Notes?
Dani Notes really came about when I was in Elementary school. I LOVED to make cards and especially invitations for pretend parties. My most memorable invite was a dinner party for boys and girls in first grade. I handed out the invites at school and the kids took them home...then the phone started ringing...mothers were inquiring about why my mother was hosting a dinner party for 7 year olds that lasted until 8:30! Fast when my friends started getting married, hosting showers and having babies. Everyone was always asking me to make invites and thank you notes; this is when Dani Notes became a business. 

What is your personal style?

Preppy with a twist

Favorite designers?

Tory Burch,  Lilly Pulitzer,  and some smaller ones that I do love just as much...Jules Reid, Emmerson to name a few.

What shoes are you most likely to wear out and about during the day?

Rainbows. I wish I could say one of my nice pairs, but these are comfy and living down south I can get away with wearing them all year round.

Lipstick? Lipgloss? Lipstain?

Lipgloss...still a favorite, Bonnie Bell bubble gum lip gloss.

Favorite hair product?

Moroccan Oil

I can't leave the house without...

My iPhone and sunglasses

On date night with your hubby what would we seen you wearing?

Something fabulous from my closet. I love to get dressed up...sometimes I think I should throw on a dress for mac and cheese with the boys!

Pepsi or Coke?


What is your favorite Dani Notes product to design and make?

I do love the iPhone cases, but people are CRAZY over these’s like I was creating their wedding china. My other favorite is Children's b-day invites...helping moms pull together the entire parties. Colors, cake, favors, etc. So fun to see how it all comes together. 

What's always in your purse?

Lip gloss, iphone, wallet, make up bag (funny I don't wear makeup!), sand (always seems to end up in there), matchbox cars, water bottle and sharpies


Megan Abigail Chandler said...

I agree ... I live for Moroccan Oil

Molly Dixon said...

I'm not even sure what my hair would look like without their shampoo/conditioner/oil. Such an amazing product line!