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June 8, 2011

Satchel Savvy. The Cambridge Satchel Co.

I'm particularly smitten with this photo as seen on The Cambridge Satchel Company Facebook. Julie of Cambridge Satchel Company has to be the sweetest woman ever. The  brand is a testament to classic design and beautiful craftsmanship. Truly one of a kind and the genuine original satchel. So beautiful!

 13" Fluorescent Green
The neon Cambridge Satchel bags have been in astounding demand this season. Almost every blogger is toting one around, and if you're not, well then you should be. Julie Deane created the Cambridge Satchel company with her mother, Freda Thomas. I spoke to Julie, over the phone, this morning and she is a complete doll. One of the most sincere and genuine individuals. Yes, I could tell that by speaking to her for just ten minutes. Julie's story of why she created the bags is my favorite part: she created the bags as a means of income to pay for school for her children. Now that is an awesome mom! I dabbled around the internet to find out more about Miss Deane, and check this out, "...production of the satchels increased from three homemade items a week to 1,500 in 2011, and turnover increased from  15,000 to an estimated 8 million in 2011." Julie seems to be involved in every aspect of the company. She is the voice on twitter, the woman that took time out of her day to give me a call and the one typing you a sincere e-mail. She is so modest about her success, in a...I started the business this way and I just can't believe this is all happening,sort of way.

"I honestly thought my market would be schoolchildren," says Deane, who started the company to pay her daughter's school fees. "She was being bullied. I'm very logical, and worked out the top 10 jobs I could do that would allow me time to still be a mum and would enable me to have my dog with me. I was quite obsessed with satchels at the time, because I was reading Harry Potter to my children and I wanted to find them, because they are exactly what Harry and Hermione would have used at Hogwarts."
Deane scoured eBay, stalked traditional school outfitters to find a producer and then sourced leather manufacturers before finding an about-to-retire craftsman in the north-east who agreed to produce her first samples.
Demand for the unisex satchel has been led by a youthful online fast-fashion clientele."

I would also like to politely note that the Cambridge Satchel Co. is the originator of this trend.Please make sure you are not buying a knockoff or are taking advantage of the Cambridge Satchel Company in any way. 

All my love!

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