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June 15, 2011

Style Secret: St. Christoper Medals from Schwanke-Kasten

I've been giving and receiving St. Christopher medals since I can remember. I have one in almost every color and size. They can be made into earrings, long or short pendants on a necklace, signet like rings, key chains (I gave the lovely boyfriend an engraved one), they are put on charm bracelets and I even have a friend who has a bracelet with just "St. Chris" (this is their abbreviated name - know it. love it.) medals as charms. St. Christopher is the patron saint of safe travel, and in my hometown, if you aren't wearing a St. Chris, then you haven't lived. They are a preppy staple and almost every friend I know has one and has probably received it from me.

I would always get complimented on this turquoise color whenever I was flying to and from college in Arizona, "Oh you can them at Schwanke-Kasten in Whitefish Bay" - such hometown pride. When I worked for my aunt and uncle at Schwanke's one winter break, while home from college, they couldn't keep them in stock fast enough. It's so amazing to see how crucial picking out a medal is: what size? what color? what length chain? It would turn into an hour process of lovingly trying every color and size combo on, but that just meant you went home with the right pick for you!  I loved when moms would come in and by them for their young sons, Schwanke's has a great black cord that worked awesome for boys.

I have a little box of them in my closet - purple, teal, white (it's giant and one of my favorites), emerald green, mustard, silver...they come in so many colors. They are extremely affordable. There are four sizes that range from: dime, nickel, quarter, and jumbo (my favorite) and are priced from $35 to $85, and I definitely suggest getting it engaged with your initials - that why you can flip it around and have a signet type necklace! You can order the medals online or call 414.964.1242 (the Whitefish Bay) or 414.271.1242 (the Downtown Milwaukee).

Here is the direct link to the website:

P.S. They look amazing layered with other necklaces. Ex. my sideways cross and 'diamonds' by the yard!

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