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June 30, 2011

Thursday Snap Shots.

I bought this dress about two years ago. I always seem to pass it by and then throw it on when the weather is going to be warm and I know the office will be hot. Today was one of those days. I'm always pleasantly surprised by how flattering in and how many convos the neck starts. It's a fairy conservatively cut dress, but with a lovely and unexpected detail. I'll have to move it up to the front of the closet and wear it more often!

I decided the change things up on the wrist today. I was in a bit of a summer mood and threw up some colored bracelets I had lying around and my old Michael Kors watch. Holy crap my wrist either got smaller or my watch got bigger! I can't believe I wore this clunker everyday. Story: I relieved a beautiful Tag Heuer watch for my 18th birthday. Somehow my little sister got her hands on it and took it back to college with her. She left it lying around aka someone stole it or she just lost it, so I told my dad I needed this watch. This was after I finished wearing a lovely borrowed Rolex from Schwanke-Kasten. I love this MK watch but it just seems so huge now! 

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