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July 31, 2011

Save your little ears!

I have extremely sensitive ears. Even yellow gold can send my ear lobes over the deep end. If you have your ears pierced then I'm sure you've seen what an infected ear can look like. It's not pretty and it results in limiting what kind of earrings you can wear. In my pretty little world, that's a bummer, because sometimes the best earrings aren't made out of the finest metals but are still so beautiful. I've tweeted this tip before, but clear nail polish can solve this problem.

1. Invest in a pair of earring backs that will not infect your ears. Most jewelry stores will sell you gold or platinum backs for $10-$20 per back. 
2. Paint any part of the earring that touches your skin with clear nail polish. I usually paint on three coats. Let the earrings dry between coats. 

Note: Try not to wear the earrings in water. The clear nail polish acts like it does on your nails - it will chip! If your ears start turning that dreaded shade of pink, you know it's time to repaint. If you want to be extra cautious repaint after every 2-3 wears!

mini skirt chic.

So much to love about this look from I just adore her style. So chic.

Fall shoes.

I have a thing for shoes. I can obsess over a pair until I finally bite the bullet and just click "purchase". Last year these Sam Edelman boots were the object of my desire.

I don't know what it was about them. The clog? The open heel? The styling that free people used? Anyway I feel in love and when I hit "buy" Zappos I felt an instant sigh of relief. I don't think that's normal, but the shoes ended up being perfect. I ordered black, and by some stroke of luck ended up with gray. I wore them with everything. Skinny jeans, leather leggings, skirt and name it. I plan on wearing them this year too - they look amazing with  my J Brand Lovestory bell bottoms. This year my obsession is a recent one thanks to Kelly Framel of The GlamouraiBrian Atwood is launching a new line of shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Pretty amazing! I'm in love with B Brian Atwood. The detail is so on trend. The fringe, the tassels, the metal toe, the platform...goodness even the color. Give me! 

If you don't want to fork over the $450 (understandable). Zappos has a great selection of Sam Edelman to satiate you. 
Sam Edelman - Petty

Super similar to the Isabal Marant boots I posted earlier this week.
Sam Edelman - Zoe

These Zoe boots are blatant Balenciaga knockoffs and have bee around forever. You've seen MKA Olsen rocking the real version. I still love them!

Sam Edelman - Flora

Totally on a different level, but you can't really go wrong with a patent leather driving moc. 

Missoni Me.

I'm pretty excited for the Missoni x Target collab happening this Fall! I can't stop thinking about pairing skirts with chunky wool knits, ankle boots and tights. Divine. If you can't wait for some wallet friendly options I thought I would throw a few Missoni skirts your way. ShopBop has an amazing selection of M Missoni and luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter is a great place to score a Missoni favorite. 

Left - Right: M Missoni Crochet SkirtMissoni Wrap SkirtMissoni Quilted SkirtMissoni Lorena Skirt

July 29, 2011


I reader asked where my evil eye + hamsa bracelet was from and I actually got it at TJ MAXX for $29.99. These are the other picks I sent to her and thought you might enjoy them too! I love the Turquoise beads on the Max and Chloe bracelet picture above! 

These are all evil eye bracelets. I'll keep a look out for a hamsa with evil eye! :) 

This Max & Chloe one is similar - so pretty -  to the one I wear.

And I LOVE this one by Max & Chloe

This House of Harlow one of so delicate: such a stunner!

July 28, 2011

Some kind of wonderful.

Miranda Kerr looking flawless.


Luxe. v. Less Battle of the Bootie.

I know you've all been on the same page as me. THOSE Rag & Bone boots, with the unfriendly price tag. If you're like me...$500 on flat boots is just not happening. Maybe half of that. Maybe. However along comes Steven by Steve Madden with a doppleganger that looks just as good with a price that will make you smile. 
Over at Piperlime you can snag these babes for $129. Now that is wallet friendly. As much as I would like to head over to ShopBop and sell my soul for these beauties. I will totally settle for the less version!

Or you could be like Rumi of Fashion Toast and mosey on over to (she went to Barney's) Net-a-Porter to pick up these equally as dopple-gangery boots. I love The Isabel Marant Dicker Boot

C'est La Vie.

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Knight Cat always has the greatest content. Like this ADORABLE 10 year-old French Model. Her name is Thylane and she's just adorable!

July 27, 2011

little leopard that could.

Just a few leopard bags to end my Wednesday night. Majorly loving that Pucci purse. Lady in the streets, freak in get it. I could settle for any of them though. 

Most of these bags can be found via Net-a-Porter

Note: The Asos bag and Vintage Reissue are both under $250. The rest...will break your bank (sorry)! 

Product Info:

Alexander McQueen with Skull Clutch
Similar Jimmy Choo Clutch
Did I mention the Pucci bag is calf hair - even more amazing!
Similar to the Fossil Vintage Reissue just not in leopard (but that's ok!)

UPDATE: The girl with the American Flag jorts.

There are jean shorts. And then there are American Flag jean shorts, jorts if you will, with  perfect symmetrically studded pockets. It's not your everyday girl next door that can rock these bad mamma jammas, it has to be someone with killer style. Said girl just so happens to be in date-mode with my bestest from college, William. 

Meet Jessica. I'm obsessed with her style. The girl rocked Litas  with shorts (swoon) in the height of Summer. During a little Facebook stalk-age of William (I have to make sure my bro is macking on quality ladies - J. you're approved) I came across this beauty wearing these shorts. I had to ask her if I could share them with you and if she could give me the deets on them!

"I got them at a vintage shop called Virgo in downtown LA...and I went and bought some studs and studded the front pocket and back pocket myself. Pretty sure they're Levi's. They were totally over-priced though, got them for $80, but I HAD to have them haha, i'm sure you know the feeling! :)"

Um. Soulmates? I'm pretty sure she's way cooler than me, but I kind of need her to be my friend. Aren't you so jealous of her shorts?

So don't faint or anything but THIS pair of Vintage American Flag Shorts are nearly identical to Jess'. They retail for $159, but what's a little money to look hotter than all your friends!

This WOULD be out of stock.

I find something I LOVE and NEED to own and it's OOS (out of stock). Granted it was on sale for $49.

Dear Revolve Clothing,

Please make a miracle happen.


Sartorially Inclined Blogger.


Love her. Love this. Definitely on my Fall look list. #manrepeller

July 26, 2011

Electric Baby Blue.

I never really gravitate towards blue, but lately it's been striking me as SUCH a statement color. I don't see enough people wearing it, and I'm especially dying to try it out with my neon Cambridge Satchel. So behold my bright blue picks.

1. One Love Cord Bracelet
2. Elyssa Bass Designs Earrings
3. Ettika Silk Wrap Bracelet
4. Michael Kors Clutch
5. Satara Bracelet (My favorite!!!)
6. Tory Burch Flats

lipstick lunch.

Sometimes you just need red lipstick and a flower in your hair. And three Diet Cokes for lunch (see background).

July 25, 2011


This black and silver glass beaded bracelet on my wrist was a gift from Global Team for Local Initiatives. I adore the bracelet and what is stands for. GTLI is an organization that "helps people help themselves". Specifically, the Harmar of Ethipoia.

Why the Hamar?

Dire need: With virtually no food and water, the Hamar are at risk without outside intervention.
Intact culture: The Hamar are one of the few tribes still largely untouched by the modern world.
Development baseline: Because the Hamar have received little outside aid, they provide an ideal baseline for evaluating and strengthening our programs before replicating them elsewhere.

The GTLI Model:

4 Steps to Self-Sufficiency

1. We do extensiveground timewith the tribe before designing programs, in order to build relationships and trust.
2. We work closely with tribal eldersto assess needs, and develop and implement programs.
3. We follow best practices, replicating successful solutions from around the world.
4. We design for sustainability, empowering communities to identify their challenges and to find their own solutions.

All New Hamar Bracelets & Anklets!TraditionalSpiral Beaded Bracelet

Spiral Beaded Necklace

And we thank you...Mia!

You might be looking up in awe at my header right now? So sexy, so unpixilated. Well readers we have someone to thank for curing this crisis and that is Mia of The Life Beautiful. She is the epitome of cool girl - with a cool girl blog. We're talking: fashion, LA, foodie heaven, art and more culture than you can swallow - her music taste is divine and she can pull of anything fashion wise including purple eyelashes and feather extensions (without looking like the masses. YES. Miss Mia Frances I'm stroking your ego.

a. because you deserve it
b. because it's all true
c. because you made my blog look better to the umpteenth degree when you didn't have to help!

I promise you will adore her blog. So mosey on over...

Mia recently posted a set on these montage of photographs that are bizarre, witty and pretty much the story of my life. If you know what's best for you go to and thank her for making my new header!

July 24, 2011

Muse: MMD

Such a style babe. That's all. 

Style Watch Sales.

Tiger Lily Candle on sale for $16. Morco Cosmetics

Loeffler Randall "Lila" On sale for $189

Thank you People Style Watch for making me want to blow through my whole paycheck via a slide show of lust worthy products. See the Sassy Shop Girl Hippie Chic Prayer Bangles. On sale for $116 with the code SUMMER20. Pretty sure throwing Loffeller Randall, on sale, all metallic, and beautiful - in my face - is unjust!  And that candle is just kind of way too pretty to pass up. I might even need two!

Designer Do: Ayala Raiter Jewelry Couture

Jewelry Designer Ayala Raiter

I've been put in some of the most interesting Google+ circles. Often times I scope out who has added me to see if there will be a valuable online partnership. More often that not, I'm just being stalked (which leads to a blocking thank you very much). However, when Ayala Raiter a couture jewelry designer added me I couldn't look away. Her pieces are supremely unique and unlike any other jewelry I've never seen! This necklace retails for $140 and you will be the only one wearing it. Isn't the stone to die for?

Again this one is so pretty. You would wear it with anything! For the most part I try to keep my necklaces sparse, for the simple reason that I like to layer them. While these are more a statement I think they would work nicely with the other pieces in my jewelry wardrobe (it's beyond a collection now).

diamond collar. denim deluxe.

Emily of cupcakesandcashmere

Totally enamored with this outfit Emily is rocking. Simple and sweet and a twist on a basic denim top with her necklace acting as a collar. Total outfit inspiration. 

On a side note: Adam is being a brat and since I'm still new to town I don't technically have any 'movie going friends' so I just might go see "Friends With Benefits" by myself. Is that depressing? I just can't watch him throw his Xbox controller anymore. Ok I'm going to step away before I have a full blown blogger breakdown. 

Pressley Sandal: Shopping Score of the Week

Michael Kors Pressley Sandal

I had one of those days at work on Friday where my heels were just killing me. Heels that I normally find to be so comfortable. Over my lunch break I picked up these Michael Kors gems. Let me tell you a secret: they retail for $120; your girl here got them for $30! I just love when magic happens. I sported them Friday night and was really convinced they might be the perfect black sandal - a little different and a bit chic. The straps are made of a scuba like material, which is as awkward as it is cool. 

I tried finding a website that had them available. But alas - SOLD OUT everywhere. Sorry! xxxooo

Sunday Lust List: ELLE Decor


Three wildly, yet so beautiful, takes on dressing up a living room. Love.Love. Love.

July 23, 2011

Product Rodeo.

I haven't done a post on my favorite products in a while, and in all honesty that is half of the reason I started this blog. To share with everyone what I'm loving, hating and using in everyday life. Recently I've been trying out a slew of new products that I can't resist sharing.

I had my hair done recently and at the recommendation of the stylist the girls were NOT supposed to wash their hair. I've head this before when getting your hair done for a big event, but always wondered what if it was just foul and full of grease. Turns out a lot of the girls were selfconcious about going unshampooed and didn't think that dry shampoo could act as a cure all. That is until the fabulous hair goddess busted out Batiste Dry Shampoo. I was thinking it must have cost a fortune. It smelled like a tropical drink and didn't leave behind a white residue (like ummm that other dry shampoo in the black bottle (coughtresemeecough). My Sally Beauty Supply didn't care the tropical scent, so I went with the Blush and let me tell you, it's embarrassing how long it's been since I've washed my hair shower style. Pick up your own here for $7.79 (such a steal)!!!!

Mystic Tan Glow

Mystic Tan Build
To my surprise I won a blogger contest over at Live Sunless and happily obliged to them sending me a jackpot of products. I've been dying over the Mystic Tan and Versa Spa goodies sent my way. I love the custom airbrush tans I've been getting before events; however, the Versa Spa at home spray tan is foolproof, and the color is like nothing I've ever seen. Besides my love affair with Versa Spa the Mystic Tan Glow and Build are great (and sooo foolproof) for putting on in a hurry. After a shower I mix a little of both and rub on my face and upper body for a little extra glow during the day.
Shimmer Lotion

get the look.

leopard.legs.sheer polka.


Love it now: Tory Burch

I love this Tory Burch Tallis Moonlight Bag and I'm thinking my obsession with all things neutral is a bit crazy. Definitely on my list for my birthday. Need it now! 

Find it here at ShopBop

July 22, 2011

nude nuisance.

I love the idea of taking these bold earrings and leaving the rest of your outfit as a blank slate. Killer red lipstick? I think yes. Keeping the shoes both muted might be a bit of a matching risk, but with sophisticated shapes and clean lines I think the look will be more of a monochromatic take on the light side, rather than a fashion f-up. 

(product info to come. sorry i'm annoying like that!)

Zenni Optical

Zenni Optical is an amazing site with insanely chic and um cheap (but not cheap quality) glasses.
My sister’s go through their glasses like hotcakes. Especially the middle sister, Emily, she has a problem with stepping, throwing, losing half a pair or getting them stolen. Don’t ask, because they have all happened. After having to get a new prescription just last week, she opted to grab two new pairs of frames. One to keep on her night stand and one for her Longchamp tote that she carries to class with her (just in case her contacts started bugging her) And guys glasses are EXPENSIVE. 
 However I recently came across Zenni Optical
The glasses at  Zenni Optical are beyond affordable and they recently got a GIANT shout out in Time magazine.
This hubbub about expensive glasses started in a Time Magazine article on July 4, 2011. In the “Eyes on the Price” story editor Bill Saporito admitted to paying $1,000 for a pair of glasses! Trust me you read that right.
A lovely Time reader snarked on back:
“Hey, Bill, Can You Read This?
Please tell me Editor Bill Saporito is receiving mental-health treatment, because he is insane for spending $1,000 on a single pair of glasses. I buy glasses from Zenni Optical, an online site. It’s $20 for a complete set at my doorstep, shipping included.”
-Peter Minton, Winsted, Conn. 

I can't even think of a store where glasses would or could be this cheap and stylish? I'm totally into the nerdy chic look so below you will find some of my favorite pics! 
433521  Acetate Full-Rim Frame723225 Full Rim Acetate Frames

230825 Stylish Plastic Full-Rim Frame (Same Appearance as Frame #8308)228421 Plastic Full-Rim Frame

484315 Fashion Acetate Full-Rim Frame220025 Plastic Fashion Full-Rim Frame
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.