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July 25, 2011

And we thank you...Mia!

You might be looking up in awe at my header right now? So sexy, so unpixilated. Well readers we have someone to thank for curing this crisis and that is Mia of The Life Beautiful. She is the epitome of cool girl - with a cool girl blog. We're talking: fashion, LA, foodie heaven, art and more culture than you can swallow - her music taste is divine and she can pull of anything fashion wise including purple eyelashes and feather extensions (without looking like the masses. YES. Miss Mia Frances I'm stroking your ego.

a. because you deserve it
b. because it's all true
c. because you made my blog look better to the umpteenth degree when you didn't have to help!

I promise you will adore her blog. So mosey on over...

Mia recently posted a set on these montage of photographs that are bizarre, witty and pretty much the story of my life. If you know what's best for you go to and thank her for making my new header!


Anonymous said...

you are too sweet.

Molly Dixon said...

no you are!