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July 27, 2011

UPDATE: The girl with the American Flag jorts.

There are jean shorts. And then there are American Flag jean shorts, jorts if you will, with  perfect symmetrically studded pockets. It's not your everyday girl next door that can rock these bad mamma jammas, it has to be someone with killer style. Said girl just so happens to be in date-mode with my bestest from college, William. 

Meet Jessica. I'm obsessed with her style. The girl rocked Litas  with shorts (swoon) in the height of Summer. During a little Facebook stalk-age of William (I have to make sure my bro is macking on quality ladies - J. you're approved) I came across this beauty wearing these shorts. I had to ask her if I could share them with you and if she could give me the deets on them!

"I got them at a vintage shop called Virgo in downtown LA...and I went and bought some studs and studded the front pocket and back pocket myself. Pretty sure they're Levi's. They were totally over-priced though, got them for $80, but I HAD to have them haha, i'm sure you know the feeling! :)"

Um. Soulmates? I'm pretty sure she's way cooler than me, but I kind of need her to be my friend. Aren't you so jealous of her shorts?

So don't faint or anything but THIS pair of Vintage American Flag Shorts are nearly identical to Jess'. They retail for $159, but what's a little money to look hotter than all your friends!

1 comment:

xoYaSsYox said...

I search some achievables since a month :( I wonder where she bought the studs??? That looks pretty badass ;)