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July 25, 2011


This black and silver glass beaded bracelet on my wrist was a gift from Global Team for Local Initiatives. I adore the bracelet and what is stands for. GTLI is an organization that "helps people help themselves". Specifically, the Harmar of Ethipoia.

Why the Hamar?

Dire need: With virtually no food and water, the Hamar are at risk without outside intervention.
Intact culture: The Hamar are one of the few tribes still largely untouched by the modern world.
Development baseline: Because the Hamar have received little outside aid, they provide an ideal baseline for evaluating and strengthening our programs before replicating them elsewhere.

The GTLI Model:

4 Steps to Self-Sufficiency

1. We do extensiveground timewith the tribe before designing programs, in order to build relationships and trust.
2. We work closely with tribal eldersto assess needs, and develop and implement programs.
3. We follow best practices, replicating successful solutions from around the world.
4. We design for sustainability, empowering communities to identify their challenges and to find their own solutions.

All New Hamar Bracelets & Anklets!TraditionalSpiral Beaded Bracelet

Spiral Beaded Necklace


Lindsay Kling said...

I love your evil eye bracelet! Would you mind sharing where it's from? Love the GTLI bracelets too- what a wonderful cause!

Molly Dixon said...

I love it too - thanks :)

I actually got it at...surprise...TJ MAXX. It was $29.99 and it's a little big on my wrist but it was exactly what I was looking for!

This Max & Chloe one is similar:

And I LOVE this one:

This House of Harlow one of so deilicate: I LOVE!