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July 31, 2011

Save your little ears!

I have extremely sensitive ears. Even yellow gold can send my ear lobes over the deep end. If you have your ears pierced then I'm sure you've seen what an infected ear can look like. It's not pretty and it results in limiting what kind of earrings you can wear. In my pretty little world, that's a bummer, because sometimes the best earrings aren't made out of the finest metals but are still so beautiful. I've tweeted this tip before, but clear nail polish can solve this problem.

1. Invest in a pair of earring backs that will not infect your ears. Most jewelry stores will sell you gold or platinum backs for $10-$20 per back. 
2. Paint any part of the earring that touches your skin with clear nail polish. I usually paint on three coats. Let the earrings dry between coats. 

Note: Try not to wear the earrings in water. The clear nail polish acts like it does on your nails - it will chip! If your ears start turning that dreaded shade of pink, you know it's time to repaint. If you want to be extra cautious repaint after every 2-3 wears!

1 comment:

Mad For Fashion said...

Wow, I do have the same problem so there for I feel your pain. There are a lot of earrings I own I love but can't wear them because they hurt me bad :(. Thanks to your fabulous tip no more pain. Thanks for sharing!