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August 12, 2011

1/4 life.

I think I'm having a quarter life crisis. Oh wait. No, I actually am having one. I turn 25 in 3 weeks. As that lovely boyfriend of mine says, "HALF WAY TO 50". I heard your 30's get easier (whatever "they" mean by easy). My aunt just told me her and my uncle are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this month. I still remember meeting Jo for the first time. I loved her, she was like my own cool big sister, she played school with us at my grandma's giant dining room able. I remember being on a boat on the Milwaukee River for their wedding - my dress was navy and white (a sailor cut) so appropriate. I feel so old. My youngest cousin HAS A FACEBOOK. I'm getting to the age where the one's I love are also getting older. I'm faced with love, loss, and reveling with the true meaning of family (gosh, it's become so important over this last 5 years).

This next year (and for the next 25) I vow to not take anything for granted. Adam and I have found our new city, new home, new beginning. I'm quite content. And even though I feel 'old' (yes. we are at home on a Friday night enjoying the company of one another with a Rolling Rock and glass of vino in hand) I'm still young. I know the best years are yet to come.

...and this has nothing to do with fashion and beauty - but it's life.

xxxxo major love.


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