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August 4, 2011

Cheap and Chic. New jewelry finds for $4!!!

Fine. If you're going to make me say it I will, "I can be a brat when it comes to mall stores," there are we happy now? Generally when I leave my preconceived label obsessiveness behind, I find some pretty great stuff. Enter my trip to Rochester, MN's mall last night. I need retail therapy and some "party shades" for an upcoming weekend in the Wisconsin Dells. Twenty friends, one cabin, lots of beer = no way I'm taking the three-digit-costing shades. I wandered into Charlotte Russe. I looked through their striped neon t-shirts, open weave dolman tops and then found my while to every girls weakness - the jewelry section. Can we talk about this for a second? Earrings were get two pairs for $8 (and they were cute). That turquoise ring above - $4! And I'm obsessed with that tribal and feather necklace. All of the necklaces are under $10 and the earrings top out at $4.50.

Let's take our noses down from being in the air and appreciate it for what it is: trendy jewelry that is DIRT cheap. I love it!

Find some steals for yourself here: Charlotte Russe Jewelry

I picked these up there! Perfect for the last month of summer - especially for $4!

1 comment:

Mad For Fashion said...

Great finds and fabulous pieces. This is what you call a BARGAIN!