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September 27, 2011


via dani notes

Budget Babe: Old Navy Round up.

The hot pink version in stores is to die for.
Love this pleated chiffon skirt - super hard to see the details.

Old Navy Surplus Shirt

Click here to shop!

 Old Navy did this thing where they decided to be relevant and that makes me okay with shopping there. The leopard and the chiffon pleats satiate my growing appetite for all things trendy and feminine without breaking the bank. Love that.


I don't like divulging details of my bad days to my beau.  I hate bringing the office home, though these days there is no such thing as work life balance, ha, remember when they taught you all about that in college? I pout for 5 minutes, tell him what sucked, and then wait for my satisfactory hug and peck on the lips. It's a real remedy that works every time.

Adam is always challenging me. And telling me I need to kick my confidence into high gear. If anyone has shown me what I'm capable of, it's him. 

 I may never eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in this lifetime, but if you force to to try a gluten free shrimp chip, I just might. Thanks for telling me on the days I come hope defeated that tomorrow will be better and once I get a hang of things everything will be ok. For making me realize that it's perfectly fine to sit at home, that going...going...and then going some more, isn't always necessary or the most fun. You love me when I'm weepy for no reason. You make special days just that much more special and there is no one I would rather watch American Dad, Family Guy and Tosh.0 with. Thank you for pretending my advice makes you feel better when you're stressed out. For asking me, "How was your day?" every night and for kissing me goodbye ever morning, even if you have to leave for the hospital at 6:00 am - you've never not said goodbye. You have become my world, my hero, my best friend and above all the love of my life. For the second year in a row, when October 3rd rolls around, I will thank my lucky stars that I was in a random bar, on a random night, and got the courage to walk up to you and say, "You look bored..." That night I knew. I'll always know. 

happy anniversary to the 2nd most amazing man in this world (duh. my dad is 1st)....if we're making it a competition. 

i love you to the moon and back. and i will never stop. 

September 25, 2011

On trend: ALDO heels.

It's so hard for me to find comfortable heels. To this date Max Studio, Joan and David, and Stuart Weitzman have done my little toes no harm. I own a pair of Aldo heels that look like YSL Tributes and they are about a size too big (fail). However, these pumps look like something I could get on board with. The rich  suede colors remind me of Blake Lively's colorful Louboutins, but at a fraction of the price. I'm obsessed with the retro inspired thick heel. My favorite color - the cobalt blue! I could also see myself wearing the mustard heels with a black silk blouse and skinny jeans. This is going to be an expensive Fall for me!

Shop the look here.

Blake Lively.

Feature: ShopBop Sale!

I love a great sale. Mosey on over to Shop Bop and you won't be dissapointed. I've craving the above pieces. 

The best part...they are all under $200! 

September 24, 2011

saturday love.

you really. really are. 

About that.

Clearly not the most politically correct Halloween costume. Actually, kind of   majorly insulting, especially taking such a dangerous (and deathly) disease and making light of it.

Read the original Huffington Post article here.

September 19, 2011

on my mind monday.

TOMS goes perfectly punk. A little spendier than the usual $45-$50, but the velvet and skull are too amazing to ignore. 

One of my co-workers has mini donkeys. SO. AMAZING.

My style icon. Rachel Zoe.

This is how you do a red light right - thank you - Tom Ford.

My best friends from college and for life.
m. w. l. (me) c. k. c. a. 

the seven of you mean more to me than you will ever know. you're with me all the time. 

Joan & David makes the most comfortable shoes. They are affordable (at $100) and did I mention SO comfortable. These are on my ongoing list of Fall must orders.

J. Crew makes the best arm wear. Perfect in a preppy meets good-girl-gone-bad sort of way.

September 18, 2011

a weekend worth recapping.

{epic discovery via tall girl tales tumblr }

Tom Binns for $36 here!!!

Friday's outfit for wine and tapas and Sontes with some new friends. I couldn't find the exact blouse ( Similar) I wore online, but it's fairly similar to this one. The J Brand Lovestory jeans and Sam Edelman Falken Boots ( a great option) are identical. Of course I had on arm full of bracelets, a 'diamond' by the yard necklace and my trusty Tory Burch. It was a night of lively conversation and the best blue cheese I've ever tasted!

Saturday we went to all you can eat sushi, napped, watched college football, went to see Contagion (so good!) and stopped on the way home for Flapdoodles ice cream.

Today is GO PACK GO! Sunday. And the Emmy's!

Moral of the story: great weekend.

September 13, 2011

what i'm wearing: leather skirt

I'm not sure if many of you are in the know (I tend to spew my good news and accomplishments), but I recently started a new job. I'm thrilled and am so proud to be an employee of said company; however, I'm using my first few weeks to be a sponge and soak in anything and everything about my new responsibilities, coworkers and new venture into the unknown. Monday left me extremely nervous and anxious, I know I'm not that only one that change does that to. I' promise to keep you up to date with my favorite fashion finds and photos, but I'm also going to use this time to maybe blog a little less during the week and reflect on some changes I'd like to make here at le little! I'm starting to feel like just one of the pack and I need to find that unique edge that I once knew I had. I know I haven't lost my passion for this little side project in my life: fashion, style, life, beauty...I love all of these things, but what am I leaving out that is important for BOTH my readers and myself to comprehend. I'm putting my family.friends.adam. first along with my career and this little bucket of love might just have to take a backseat for a while.

leather skirt.

Product Details ---

J.Crew x Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung at J.Crew Fit to be Tied pant

Prabal Gurung at J.Crew Exploding Bow blouse

Prabal Gurung at J.Crew Exploding Bow dress

Loving this collaboration. It's truly all in the details. I would love to try and style those pants. How would you wear them? My usual go to is a denim shirt. I can actually seeing them work perfect for work with just that, bright red nails and my simple black Delman Flats. 

P.S. Did you know that if you click on the words in the light pink it will take you to my favorite pieces and where you can buy them?

September 11, 2011


I love these. And for $54 it's a solid investment.

Yochi - Leopard Print Drop Earrings

{chicXinfinity} NYFW


shoes. hanneli. joanna.

just a few photos worth salivating over.

September 9, 2011

STYLE Week Spotlight: Lillian's of Rochester

I'm all about texture this fall. And participating in STYLE Week (downtown Rochester, Minnesota for you geographically challenged) has got me a ticket to the best pieces in the city! I walked in and instantly knew the looped yarn vest had to be mine - at around $50 it's a great affordable and trendy piece to keep my warm this Fall. See that chiffon dress hiding back there. I would wear it as a skirt, a tunic over skinny jeans (belted with a leopard calf hair belt of course) and that fabooosh leather jacket. Lillian's in Downtown Rochester  is having a major 70's revival. And I'm SO on board! Nikki, the lovely owner, was super busy (the store was packed) when I stopped in, so I didn't get to chat with her about her favorite fall trend, but I'm guessing we are on the same page with all her in store merchandise!

Join us Downtown on Thursday, September 15th to see Lillian's in the STYLE Week Fashion show at the Peace Plaza!!! 

Like Lillian's of Rochester on Facebook here!

Jason Wu

Jason Wu Spring RTR 2012


Fashion's Night Out

Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie for the WIN. Love their looks!





Cape Love.

This YSL silk crepe cape is everything I've dreamed of. I'm not quite sure how I would wear it yet, but I know that it would look brilliant, however; it could be tricky to pull off it not done delicately. For an easier and more approachable (and much more affordable) look try a cape coat.

Edun Wool Cape Coat

Max Studio Cape Coat

September 8, 2011

What do you think?

What do you think?
Go Fug Yourself brought this to my attention. Do I HATE it or LOVE it? Well I love the color blocking (it's SJP - so shut up), but I HATE the shoes. I'm not sure why. Too white? I've always HATED white shoes...I would have loved to see a color (emerald green, navy blue, a darn luxurious tan), the just TOO white. 

Tell me how you feel!? Do you love it? I would have simply paired different shoes:


Being Kate Middleton.

Hunter Boots  - Acne Sweater - Gray Pencil Squirt - Leopard Flats ($59!!) - Chiffon Gown - Crepe Blazer - Short Pleated Dress - ISSA Silk Dress (Kate Middleton's Favorite!) - Burberry Trench - Blue Topaz Earrings-

Classic and conservative. You can't really go wrong if Kate Middleton is your style inspiration. I can see her in any of the pieces above, though the leopard flats might be a bit adventurous for our princess!

STYLE Week Spotlight: EYE-Q



First, let me apologize for the grainy picture above. It's via my iPhone from Glamour Magazine. That being said, I know you are all rolling those beautiful eyes of yours, really Molly? A boy? Another one? Can you stop drooling for five seconds? Second, I know this boy and he's the perfect segue into the satorical  scrumptiousness you will see below. His name is Sam, and well he's my BFF Cait's, Boyfriend's, Little Brother (get it?).  He looks so handsome in glasses, and while I've always thought a pair would make me look hideous I was quite surprised to learn I have the perfect face for them. 

Tammy, from EYE-Q Intelligent Eyewear, told me my eyes are the equivalent of a perfect rack - they fill out everything. Tammy and her beautiful store, EYE-Q are everything fabulous and fashionable! Bright, inviting and stylish I might just need a new pair of frames each week. 

Tammy showed me some of this seasons hottest frames. Most notable the killer line from Chrome Hearts. They cost a pretty penny but when you have diamond encrusted glasses or shades with hand carved wood and mother of pearl you know their worth it. Putting your best face forward is style at it's best. 

EYE-Q is participating in Rochester's STYLE Week and I can't wait to see how amazing the models look in  the frames I spotted in the store! Have you signed up for all the events?!? I can't wait for the Women's Getaway and Makeover!!! 

Chromes Hearts oozes sex appeal. 

Anyone who could pull off those striped frames as brilliant fashion instinct. I love them!

Jewel tone (check). Embellished (check). Prada (check).  My next pair these will be!

I deteste Lady Gaga, but who says you can be inspired by her innovative styles. This pair screams - "LOOK AT ME. NO REALLY. LOOK AT ME. I'M FAMOUS. I SAID LOOK!" But in a good way.