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September 27, 2011


I don't like divulging details of my bad days to my beau.  I hate bringing the office home, though these days there is no such thing as work life balance, ha, remember when they taught you all about that in college? I pout for 5 minutes, tell him what sucked, and then wait for my satisfactory hug and peck on the lips. It's a real remedy that works every time.

Adam is always challenging me. And telling me I need to kick my confidence into high gear. If anyone has shown me what I'm capable of, it's him. 

 I may never eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in this lifetime, but if you force to to try a gluten free shrimp chip, I just might. Thanks for telling me on the days I come hope defeated that tomorrow will be better and once I get a hang of things everything will be ok. For making me realize that it's perfectly fine to sit at home, that going...going...and then going some more, isn't always necessary or the most fun. You love me when I'm weepy for no reason. You make special days just that much more special and there is no one I would rather watch American Dad, Family Guy and Tosh.0 with. Thank you for pretending my advice makes you feel better when you're stressed out. For asking me, "How was your day?" every night and for kissing me goodbye ever morning, even if you have to leave for the hospital at 6:00 am - you've never not said goodbye. You have become my world, my hero, my best friend and above all the love of my life. For the second year in a row, when October 3rd rolls around, I will thank my lucky stars that I was in a random bar, on a random night, and got the courage to walk up to you and say, "You look bored..." That night I knew. I'll always know. 

happy anniversary to the 2nd most amazing man in this world (duh. my dad is 1st)....if we're making it a competition. 

i love you to the moon and back. and i will never stop. 

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