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September 8, 2011

STYLE Week Spotlight: EYE-Q



First, let me apologize for the grainy picture above. It's via my iPhone from Glamour Magazine. That being said, I know you are all rolling those beautiful eyes of yours, really Molly? A boy? Another one? Can you stop drooling for five seconds? Second, I know this boy and he's the perfect segue into the satorical  scrumptiousness you will see below. His name is Sam, and well he's my BFF Cait's, Boyfriend's, Little Brother (get it?).  He looks so handsome in glasses, and while I've always thought a pair would make me look hideous I was quite surprised to learn I have the perfect face for them. 

Tammy, from EYE-Q Intelligent Eyewear, told me my eyes are the equivalent of a perfect rack - they fill out everything. Tammy and her beautiful store, EYE-Q are everything fabulous and fashionable! Bright, inviting and stylish I might just need a new pair of frames each week. 

Tammy showed me some of this seasons hottest frames. Most notable the killer line from Chrome Hearts. They cost a pretty penny but when you have diamond encrusted glasses or shades with hand carved wood and mother of pearl you know their worth it. Putting your best face forward is style at it's best. 

EYE-Q is participating in Rochester's STYLE Week and I can't wait to see how amazing the models look in  the frames I spotted in the store! Have you signed up for all the events?!? I can't wait for the Women's Getaway and Makeover!!! 

Chromes Hearts oozes sex appeal. 

Anyone who could pull off those striped frames as brilliant fashion instinct. I love them!

Jewel tone (check). Embellished (check). Prada (check).  My next pair these will be!

I deteste Lady Gaga, but who says you can be inspired by her innovative styles. This pair screams - "LOOK AT ME. NO REALLY. LOOK AT ME. I'M FAMOUS. I SAID LOOK!" But in a good way.

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