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September 9, 2011

STYLE Week Spotlight: Lillian's of Rochester

I'm all about texture this fall. And participating in STYLE Week (downtown Rochester, Minnesota for you geographically challenged) has got me a ticket to the best pieces in the city! I walked in and instantly knew the looped yarn vest had to be mine - at around $50 it's a great affordable and trendy piece to keep my warm this Fall. See that chiffon dress hiding back there. I would wear it as a skirt, a tunic over skinny jeans (belted with a leopard calf hair belt of course) and that fabooosh leather jacket. Lillian's in Downtown Rochester  is having a major 70's revival. And I'm SO on board! Nikki, the lovely owner, was super busy (the store was packed) when I stopped in, so I didn't get to chat with her about her favorite fall trend, but I'm guessing we are on the same page with all her in store merchandise!

Join us Downtown on Thursday, September 15th to see Lillian's in the STYLE Week Fashion show at the Peace Plaza!!! 

Like Lillian's of Rochester on Facebook here!

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