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November 22, 2011

from me to you {happy thanksgiving}

This will be my 25th Thanksgiving. As I've gotten older the best part of the holidays have been the 'lengthy' breaks from work. Remember when you would get a month off from college for Winter Break...oh the luxury. This year I'm thankful for so many things.

My wonderful family.
               (i love you to the moon and back: mom, dad, emme and kate.)
My amazing beau.
My loyal friends.
A cardiac surgeon at Ohio State University.
An amazing job.
My health.
My happiness.
My iPhone.
Having a roof over my head, a down comforter on my bed, and a boy I love sleeping next to me.
Hadley, Lily, and Griffin.
Margaritas, Pinot Grigio, and Rolling Rock.
Rachel Zoe, The Real Housewives of anything...The Bravo network in general.
Taylor Swift.

I'm so blessed it feels silly sometimes. I've never gone a night without a warm bed to sleep in, I've never gone hungry, I've never not been provided for or been unable to provide for myself. This Thanksgiving please say a prayer for all you have, and for all those who might not be as fortunate as you are.

Happy Thanksgiving to you my dears. Smile, you are beautiful - and someone is thankful for you!

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