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December 23, 2011

{feature} eleanor kalle.

When I saw one of my most stylish girl friends recent photo uploads to Facebook, I thought she might have turned her good looks and charm into top-model status. She lives in NYC after all, the epicenter of the fashion gods and of the beautiful people. She was being photographed where some of the most interesting and beautiful accessories I've seen as of late. I was shocked to find out that her sister was the genius behind these designs - her little sister!

Eleanor Kalle pieces are chic chain wrapped scarves. I adore them and can't wait to order one from Carole's sister. Side note: we both grew up on the same street in Whitefish Bay, Sylvan, which I'm heading back to today! I'll never forget when her little sister got a Pucci scarf for her birthday, she must have been 14, I was so jealous.

Here are some of Amy's beautiful designs!

1 comment:

Maria Weber said...

Carole mazius?! I have something similar from the line Shantilly, but Carole's styling makes them look unique