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December 13, 2011

{my lovely life}

I went to my very first NFL game on Sunday. I'm a born and bred Packer fan and was so excited when I heard my boyfriend's parents were giving us tickets as an early Christmas present! Packer fans are one of a kind and I had no idea the magical experience I was in for at Lambeau Field. So much energy and excitement and so much pride! We high fived random fans, took rumplemints shots out of snuck in plastic flasks, courtesy of the middle-aged men in front of us, and I become best friends with the 12 year-old boys sitting next to us!

It wasn't much for fashion: I wore two pairs of fleeced lined leggings, leather Uggs, TWO North Face down coats, a Packer hat (and Jersey), oh and my Foley + Corina Disco City bag. Dating a football fanatic has its perks! Adam and I had the best time with his brother and brother's friends! Can't wait to do it again! #gopackgo

Not a bad seat in the house!

So content! My hand and foot warmers were modern day miracles!

Eric (Adam's brother), Derek, Me, and Ad about to go in!

My AMAZING white elephant gift!

At our friends Matt & Emily's for their wonderful holiday party! #chevronobsessed

Adam's snowmen cookies! He found these on Stumble Upon and just had to make them! I did the decorating!

Out for drinks with our friends a few weeks ago (we love Sontes)! I had the best Gin Fizz.


Sarah said...

cute photos!


Emily said...

Merry Christmas! :)

I love Sontes, too! And Chesters! And Twigs!