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December 1, 2011

Thursday's Thrills {loving}


I watched "Crazy Stupid Love" with my sister and Adam on Thanksgiving. The movie wasn't what I expected, but I adored it. Emma Stone makes my heart pitter-patter she is the 'every girl' and I totally want her to be my friend. Ryan Gosling is otherworldly. He's not conventionally good looking (in my opinion), but gosh darn it he is so charming. It's proof - a beautiful personality breeds a handsome man.


Adam did an 'eating challenge' over our time home for Thanksgiving. It consisted of 23 minutes: the biggest chicken x beef burger I've ever seen, six GHOST PEPPER buffalo wings, and fries soaked in said wing sauce. It was painful and ungodly to watch. Needless to say I felt his pain when he decided to give me a giant and ghost pepper sauced kiss after he was done (I have never felt such a sensation before)! It was quite the event. PLEASE NOTE: I do not know the men dressed in the garish shirts behind us. Reckless so so bad.


Say it often. But only when you mean it.

I'm incredibly lucky to have friends will killer music taste. I love Bon Iver + Kanye + Jay + Nicki. Naturally, this song is my new work out anthem. jammmmmmz.

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