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January 31, 2012

50 under $50 {piperlime}


I highly suggest you check out Piperlime's 50 under $50 sale!  So many goodies! Getting those peep toe booties for spring!

spiked sparkle!


January 29, 2012

{friendly skies} luggage.

I was recently asked by a friend to find him some luggage. He gave me a price point that was more than generous, but with an eye for the finer things in life, I went a bit crazy. I decided to take my inspiration from Hermes and Lanvin and find him simple alternatives. My idea was to create a simple and luxe feel, without going brand name overboard. A duffel that has handsome details is great for a carryon and weekend jaunts. Hard shell suitcases are sexy (an awkward word for luggage, bu true).

My favorite is the Tumi hard shell, second from the right, but in ALL black. I'm not sure if this is what he was looking for, but hopefully it points him in the right direction. I've seen far too many 'posers' roll through the Phoenix airport with LV embossed sets. These are not a sound investment in my book, I'd much rather invest in an everyday bag, but that's just the girl in my speaking.

Do you have any luggage suggestions for a stylish male?

You can find purchasing information here.

January 26, 2012

lily kwong & other famous people.


I probably have the coolest and most well-connected best friends.  Before freshman year at Arizona State, I was introduced to Facebook. It was 2005 and it was when Zuck decided to open it up to other schools than just the Ivy Leagues. Remember AIM? Well that is how my best friend Cait and I met each other! We were inseperable for a whole year. If we were seen out and about alone or with a different group of friend's, I was always asked, "Where's Cait?". We were a Vodka and Rum chugging team. You're now thinking...MOLLY...get to the point! 

See that stunner above. That is Cait's cousin! Deemed by Refinery 29 as New York's newest IT girl/model, Lily Kwong has amazing style. I'm going to work my magic and hopefully Cait can get me her contact info, so I can interview her for fashion tips! I highly suggest you check out her feature - the girl has unbeatable style. So classic, so chic, and she pulls it off so effortlessly (must be a model thing). 
Then there was the time my (other BFF...I have 7 of them from college) interviewed Sophia Bush! She has an amazing job at pop sugar (that I envy everyday)! She's also interviewed: Rachel Zoe, Miranda Kerr, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman....just to name...a few!

spike the punch {a love affair}

Glitter Guide Hand-painted Crystal Necklace

I have been waiting my sweet time to get my hands on a Spike the Punch necklace! Looks like the stars were aligned in my favor tonight! The Glitter Guide is my daily source for inspiration, so I'm thrilled that I will be sporting the design Elizabeth dreamt up for them! How amazing are these colors going to look this spring? I'm already putting together a list of pairings!

What I'm planning on wearing with my lovely new bauble:

  • lots of leopard!
  • denim shirts
  • my neon cambridge satchel
  • bright read lipstick!
  • spring silk shirts
  • my favorite fur vests
  • ....everything! 

My favorite bloggers in Spike the Punch!

{mint} on my mind.

Are you on board with the mint trend? Again, it's everywhere! These jeans from Forever 21 are classified as 'turquoise', but I beg to differ, and for less than $30 you really can't deny your love for them!

A pretty shoe to take you into spring. Not as "minty" as I desire per-say, but I'm really feeling the retro shilouette. These aren't too budget friendly, but sometimes you have to splurge!  Brought to you by Barney's New York.

Another bank friendly bauble - I adore this necklace! For just under $50 this pretty piece of mint can be yours at Bloomingdale's!

SALE ALERT! If you live in Minneapolis the Bloomingdale's at Mall of American is going out of business! All clothing is 20% off and shoes were marked an additional 40-60% off of the sale price. We're talking Hunter, Chanel, Tory Burch, anything your heart desires! Bags were 20% - there were a ton of Marc by Marc Jacob pieces still available, and a lot of Kate Spade accessories. 

These loafers are a bit obscure, but I know some of you fashion mavens could pull them off like there is no tomorrow. Right on the penny (tee hee hee) with the prepster trend, and uber nice at just under $70! these are SUPER obscure. Would you dare?

This swimsuit is serious bombshell. I would die if I could pull this off! It's a serious investment, but how classic and stunning. Flat chested friends....c'mon make me jealous! 


Valentino Spring 2012 Couture

What celebrity do you think will look best in this frock? Pretty!

{happiest} thursday.

Happy Thursday! I've been seeing this bag everywhere, I can't imagine toting it around town, but the messaging is too cute not to play around with. Kate Spade definitely knows how to warrant a smile on a chilly morning!  Cheers to you beautiful - make it a great day! xo

January 25, 2012

everything. {details}.

fur. raybans. and a side part.

kind of all you need right? everything.


January 24, 2012


chhhheeaaaaah boi.

now that. is how. IT is done.


After a stressful days one of my most selfish and indulgent practices is pouring myself a glass of wine, dinner optional (I'm usually too stressed out to think about that) and peruse my favorite blogs. Today was that kind of day. Angry clients, mixed with a budget misstep, a volunteer commitment, and a work expo - I really just needed to start at some beautiful pictures and become inspired again. Between discovering the glow via Geri and popping over to find this video on Chriselle's gem of a blog - my evening is starting to look up! The Chriselle Factor has become one of my daily favorites: a woman who is stunning and knows how to show it off. Chriselle has impeccable style and did a beautiful job of styling this Jellypop Shoes campaign. I've never head of the company, but I'm not intrigued! What do you do to blow off steam after a long day? It also helps to turn off your work brain, tomorrow is a new day, and virtually everything is fixable. It might take a creative solution, but it always works out in the end (and even if it doesn't by the .00000001% chance that it fails...well then it happened for a reason!).

xoxo - stay beautiful! 

January 23, 2012

social ice. what to wear.

Rochester, Minnesota's socialICE is approaching fast and furiously! I've been thinking about what I will wear to this event, I've been helping with for a few months! I want to make sure I'm warm,but obviously still stylish. 

A long, black, down coat might not be the most style savvy choice, but when you're in the Mid-west and it's negative 10 degrees with a windchill of below 35 you will be glad you're wrapped delicately in this bundle of joy. It's a a great investment piece. 

To make this ensemble cute, take a cue from me, and find a cute hat. How amazing is that slouchy Missoni number, I might have to click buy, just for this occasion! 

I can picture it now: flushed cheeks, sparking eyes, my brunette curls bouncing, and that amazing hat! Your hands and feet are the most emportant part of this ensemble. Read: SNOW and ICE goblets! Listen to me now - wear wool socks and leather/waterproof gloves. Keep your jeans skinny and dark and add a bright scarf for a little perkiness.

Up next: what to wear when you hit the downtown bars afterwards! 

RSVP here!

chanel does sin city.

I'm dying over the black and white. How amazing. I would have loved to see the recreation of Coco's apartment! Talk about history, beauty, and style in one place. Everyone looks perfect in their Chanel garb and perfectly painted pouts! 

What an event it must have been!

"As for the actual installation, it was a tastefully over-the-top, 10-room tour through the classic house codes. One room was filled with Chanel Bearbrick dolls and matching wallpaper, another displayed fine jewelry among sculpted topiaries. There was a recreation of Coco’s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon, and a digital room that decoded the making of the 2.55 handbag. It had quilted leather walls. But no room was as popular as the one filled with old-school carnival claw games, where mesmerized guests tried to grab little Chanel gift bags with a mechanical arm."


January 22, 2012

dressed up {denim}

I just can't help myself! This is one trend I've fallen in love with! Denim!

nina d.


neon (2.0)


Another dose of neon! The Blonde Salad does it right - let your neon pop by pairing it will all black. How to die for is that Michael Kors dress?

January 19, 2012

neon {animals}.

Neon is all the rage right now. Did you see the instagram pic of MK and A presenting their Elizabeth and James capsule collection to the Saks Fifth Ave. buyers - amazing! 

Here's a tip on getting the look for less and feeling confident wearing this trend. Try it out in doses (on the cheap) to see if it fits your style profile. I'm definitely going to purchase these ballet flats!

Check out my Facebook Page to see my other favorite neon item in my closet - my Cambridge Satchel! 

January 17, 2012

{guessing game}

How much do you think this bag costs. Based on the attention to detail, mixed metals, and quirkiness it could leverage a couple of hundies. Right? Guess you'll have to find out! Click HERE I dare you to not put it in your shopping cart! Perfect for spring!

January 11, 2012

{the in crowd} socialICE

I'm all about activities. Going out for drink with friends, sifting through an antique store, finding the fun in life's big mysteries. I've been working with a wonderful group of ladies my age, to put together PR and Marketing for socialICE. This event is going to be huge, and if you are in the Rochester, Minnesota vicinity I strongly suggest you check it out. It's three days of stunning drinks, amazing music, and ambience unlike any other in the Mid-west's biggest OUTDOOR ice bar!

Stay tuned for other great bloggers joining in on the fun...and also...some outfit posts of what to wear to this style savvy event!

The Rochester Downtown Alliance is pleased to announce the 4th Annual SocialICE—Rochester Minnesota’s Ice Bar event is scheduled for Feb. 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2012. Featuring over 200 ft. of ice, SocialICE will be once again the largest outdoor ice bar in the upper Midwest. The layout will expand this year and will include up to eight satellite ice bars.  All satellite bars will be themed with various beverage distributors and specialty drinks.  Enjoy the ambiance of the ice and lighting as you sit in the ice lounge, drink from real ice glasses, and enjoy the live music.  Are you cool enough for this “iced out” experience?

Here are a few fun facts about the SocialICE event:
•              Over 11,500 fanatical participants embraced the frigid element in 2011
•              Approximately 9 TONS of ice were used to construct the event
•              500 ice martini glasses sold out in 30 minutes
•              The event received National and International media coverage (i.e. CNN, the Weather Channel)
•              Live bands perform in a skyway overlooking the crowds below on the Peace Plaza
•              The event is held at the Peace Plaza, which is nestled between two high class hotels and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic

To complement the icy ambiance, check out the Wall of ICE (new this year), which will feature ice sculptures sponsored by various downtown businesses, and will be located on the east end of the Peace Plaza.  A QR code scavenger hunt which will take you throughout the downtown area, will also be taking place in conjunction with the event.  The first QR code clue will be located within the “Downtown Rochester MN-The Place to BE” Wall of ICE sculpture on the east end of the Peace Plaza.  Those who complete the scavenger hunt will be entered into a drawing to win a NOOK by Barnes & Noble.  The ice bar will be open from 4:30-9:00pm Feb. 9th-11th on the Peace Plaza.  The Wall of ICE sculptures and the QR code scavenger hunt can be viewed anytime during the 9th-11th

January 10, 2012

{the last six months}

A little bit of a look into my life...via instagram. You might have seen some of these before! I Just snapped the pic of my red jeans walking of Michael's today, I wandered around the store for 30 minutes looking for inspiration. Others are snaps of accessories, my favorite fur vests, and photos snapped randomly here and there. They aren't a testament to beauty nor style, but a testament to being 100% MMD.

I hope your 2012 has started off as blessed as mine has. Adam accepted a job at Mayo Clinic that he will start this Summer! I've taken a head first dive into my job and am loving every second of it (even the crazy stress).

My family is happy and healthy. Things are going my way and I'm so thankful! Adam and I are making and new change this year, and we are going to CHURCH every Sunday! I'm really excited (and a little scared) for the personal growth that this opportunity will afford me.

Much love.

January 7, 2012

{basics baby}

Reality Star...blah blah blabbity blah. I don't care what anyone says, Lauren Conrad, has been a huge style influencer these last few years. Skinny jeans and a cardigan are an every woman's staple - but with perfect beachy curls and a Chanel bag she makes it look effortlessly chic. I've noticed my style coming full circle as more classic - and this outfit is a great way to look cute, but keep it simple. It's all about the basics baby! 

how to:

January 5, 2012

luxe {for less}.

Star Fish Cuff

Remember that beautiful star fish cuff that was all the rage this summer. I could have gotten it at ShopBop for 10x the price of this stunner, but I waited it out and thank goodness I did. Luxe for Less is my new mantra this year. It's not about how much it cost, but how you wear it! 

Can't wait to sport this beauty from Filthy Magic.