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January 24, 2012


After a stressful days one of my most selfish and indulgent practices is pouring myself a glass of wine, dinner optional (I'm usually too stressed out to think about that) and peruse my favorite blogs. Today was that kind of day. Angry clients, mixed with a budget misstep, a volunteer commitment, and a work expo - I really just needed to start at some beautiful pictures and become inspired again. Between discovering the glow via Geri and popping over to find this video on Chriselle's gem of a blog - my evening is starting to look up! The Chriselle Factor has become one of my daily favorites: a woman who is stunning and knows how to show it off. Chriselle has impeccable style and did a beautiful job of styling this Jellypop Shoes campaign. I've never head of the company, but I'm not intrigued! What do you do to blow off steam after a long day? It also helps to turn off your work brain, tomorrow is a new day, and virtually everything is fixable. It might take a creative solution, but it always works out in the end (and even if it doesn't by the .00000001% chance that it fails...well then it happened for a reason!).

xoxo - stay beautiful! 

1 comment:

Megha Varshini said...

i agree!! sometimes work takes toll! u feel like pampering oneself.