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January 10, 2012

{the last six months}

A little bit of a look into my life...via instagram. You might have seen some of these before! I Just snapped the pic of my red jeans walking of Michael's today, I wandered around the store for 30 minutes looking for inspiration. Others are snaps of accessories, my favorite fur vests, and photos snapped randomly here and there. They aren't a testament to beauty nor style, but a testament to being 100% MMD.

I hope your 2012 has started off as blessed as mine has. Adam accepted a job at Mayo Clinic that he will start this Summer! I've taken a head first dive into my job and am loving every second of it (even the crazy stress).

My family is happy and healthy. Things are going my way and I'm so thankful! Adam and I are making and new change this year, and we are going to CHURCH every Sunday! I'm really excited (and a little scared) for the personal growth that this opportunity will afford me.

Much love.

1 comment:

Hoyt said...

Beautiful! Glad your year is off to a great start!

x Hoyt