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January 23, 2012

social ice. what to wear.

Rochester, Minnesota's socialICE is approaching fast and furiously! I've been thinking about what I will wear to this event, I've been helping with for a few months! I want to make sure I'm warm,but obviously still stylish. 

A long, black, down coat might not be the most style savvy choice, but when you're in the Mid-west and it's negative 10 degrees with a windchill of below 35 you will be glad you're wrapped delicately in this bundle of joy. It's a a great investment piece. 

To make this ensemble cute, take a cue from me, and find a cute hat. How amazing is that slouchy Missoni number, I might have to click buy, just for this occasion! 

I can picture it now: flushed cheeks, sparking eyes, my brunette curls bouncing, and that amazing hat! Your hands and feet are the most emportant part of this ensemble. Read: SNOW and ICE goblets! Listen to me now - wear wool socks and leather/waterproof gloves. Keep your jeans skinny and dark and add a bright scarf for a little perkiness.

Up next: what to wear when you hit the downtown bars afterwards! 

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