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April 28, 2012

{golden toes} luxe vs. less

I love both of these shoes. That gold heel there is just something so fantastic about it. Unfortunately I don't have $905 to spend on slingbacks that I can wear more than once a week (if that). While Charlotte Olympia's Dolly Leather Slingback is STUNNING my bank account would literally bitch slap me. Because I can't just leave you hanging without an affordable option, the Cassie WP from Baker's is only $99.99 and is pretty similar! 

Happy shopping! 

April 26, 2012

{work wear} my daily uniform.

A little impromptu outfit shot at work today, and my first "official" outfit post. I've never done one before so please, be kind. I try to keep my work wear basic. I work in a very creative environment as a project manager of sorts, and our boss encourages us to dress in what we feel comfortable in - so this my friends is me! I wear a version of this outfit to work five days out of the week. Some short of interesting shirt, a statement necklace, a classic blazer, dark jeans, and today it was flats! 


Blazer: Zara (Wish list version)
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind (mine are high-waisted)
White Top with silver dots: Francesca's
Earrings/Etsy Watch/Tag Heur Braclets/Target/StyleMint/Germany  

photos by Renae King.

April 19, 2012

{sunshine girl} work vs. weekend

Yellow: bright, golden, sunshiny yellow. A staple of every girls summer wardrobe. I love the simplicity of  of the dress and pairing it with a gold necklace proves to be the perfect addition. For work pair it with a white blazer and for the weekend, let's say drinks with the girls or a casual date night, a jean jacket will as a great substitute. Colorblocking is still a trend that many fashionistas are running with, if you're a bit shy when it comes to this trend try a subtle piece like shoes. 

For product information click here

April 18, 2012

April 17, 2012

{chevron wall} by Katherine Stiles

I've recently become obsessed with interior design. I walked into my parents house Easter weekend and asked my mom where my sister and dad were, "They went to go get me an iPad!!! I wanted to look at blogs on house and interior design stuff so I needed one!!!!!" I guess it runs in the family.  The beau and I just rented a gigantic house (we're talking (three floors and a basement) and I want to make sure I actually make it feel like a home, so when my co-worker introduced me a blog of her niece's friend - I was insanely inspired. Then Katherine told me she was painting a chevron wall in her guest bedroom and my heart skipped several beats. I consider chevron to be my favorite color (yes, I know it's a pattern). is a wonderful mix of lifestyle tips and beautiful design. I asked Katherine to share some pictures of her project with me and I know you'll be as blown away as me!

Stunning. I know! 

I asked Katherine to share a bit of info with me. It turns out this is her guest bedroom in her home (feel free to invite my over - anytime doll)! It only took her SIX hours total (that includes all prep work), I assumed it would have taken hours and hours and hours! She specifically chose this wall, because it wouldn't be broken up by a window or door. 

Check out the beautiful blog of Katherine Stiles right HERE!  Her blog also has a lot more specifics on how to create a wall like this in your own home!! 

April 15, 2012

{AWARxE} this isn't fashion.

There is nothing pretty or fashionable about the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, and here I am mixing a bit of work and play (and passionate cause) together. This blog is my outlet for fun (for non-work related type things), but I'd like to take some time to explain to you part of an epidemic that you most likely have heard about in recent news stories. Did you know that 70% of those that abuse prescription medications steal them from family or friends? Or that there are 11,000 online pharmacies in Canada, of those - 300 are LEGAL.

If you live in Rochester, Minnesota: I ask that you please pay attention to your surroundings this week. AWARxE and Caribou Coffee have teamed up to bring our community information about how to safely use prescription medication.

Also: April 28, 2012 is the National Drug Take Back Event. Find a site near you here.

*NO. You can not safely dispose of medications by throwing them in the trash, down the sink, or flushing them. They must be handled by law enforcement and placed in a certified incinerator.

If you live in Rochester and stop into Caribou tomorrow make sure to tweet @McKerihan the hashtag #AWARxE and let me know what you think!

For more information visit:

AWARxE Website
"LIKE" AWARxE on Facebook
Watch AWARxE PSA's

April 14, 2012

it's all in the {flat}

Shoemint is sold out. Zara doesn't have them online. So these will have to do, and I'm kind of okay with it. For $70 I say it is chicness nailed. 


Just ordered these from Aldo. If you signup for their e-mail eNewsletter you get 10% off your purchase. My grand total (with shipping) was $68!

Thanks again Mia! {you'll love her blog}

April 12, 2012

April 11, 2012

{WIN IT!} The "Ocean Drive" Necklace

Ocean Drive Necklace

The perfect layering necklace! I'm completely in love with the Ocean Drive Necklace from GuiltyStar and would love for one of my beautiful readers to able to sport it this summer - GuiltyStar agrees and they have given me the chance to give one of my lovely readers this necklace! 

I'm trying to make my giveaways easier so let me know if the Rafflecopter app works out for you! 

Good Luck Ladies! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


1. New Tom's
2. Mixed Metals
3. New Spike the Punch Necklace
4. Mint Green Shellac Mani

{wrist #swag}

stacks on stacks! ;)

How my wrist should look always! via 

{discovered} missguided

One of the reasons I love Social Media is because of all the new brands and stores I'm introduced to. Sometimes it's a blog that I would have never come across on my own, or a hairstyle that inspired me to try a new look, or a dress that was so pretty I asked the questions "Where did you get that?" and then I'm so happy I did.

I went to high school with blogger Christal Kay and noticed in her Facebook picture that she was wearing a beautiful maxi dress and I'm so glad I asked where she got it, because I was introduced to this wonderful website!

I've already picked out some pieces that I know I'll be need this summer! The best part: everything you see below is either $10, $40 or under $50!

Sandy Cut Out Scarf Print Dress
Such a pretty print!
Lauren Racer Back Maxi Dress
A pink maxi for the work week and then out for drinks!
Balea Peplum Sleeveless Top
A sweet Peplum Top.
Fallinda Chain Print Silk Shorts
Stunning Silk Shorts!
Petronela Bow Back Lace Shorts
Lace shorts will be perfect with a  denim shirt and nude wedges! 

Ileana Sheer Asymmetric Maxi Dress
The perfect dress for our good friend's wedding in Green Bay!
Jeomin Chain Link Statement Ring Ilendra T Bar Aztec Platform WedgesSunisa Crocodile Skin Envelope Tote Bag

April 10, 2012

{GuiltyStar} luxe for less.

I’m a big fan of fancy, uber-expensive brand names, but let’s be honest with one another, my bank account isn’t always free flowing with hundreds of dollars to spend on trendy accessories, is yours? If so, I’m jealous!
That’s why GuiltyStar is such a blessing for those of us that love that look of luxury, but don’t always have the budget for it. Above you will find four of my favorite GuiltyStar pieces, and four of my favorite high end designers.
My personal favorite is the “At a Cross Necklace”, my boyfriend gave me a very similar necklace for my birthday, in sterling silver, so you know I will be purchasing the GuiltyStar gold version! At $20 it’s not hard to justify. My favorite part of this post: if you add up all of theGuiltyStar pieces they cost less than one of the luxe pieces featured!
Stop by my blog: Telling it like it is. Only prettier. for daily doses of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!

April 3, 2012

{brand spotlight}

Yes. More shoes. So good though. ENJOY!


April 2, 2012

{hello looooova}

These are literally screaming my name, literally "Molly, buy me! Wear me! You need me on your feet! I'm comfy and chic, Molly". Trust me, I hear you, and I'm buying you soon little friends. There is nothing I love more than a simple shoe with an unexpected touch (duh. the black strap).

Then this pair started talking. "Molly, I'm less than $50...ok SOLD!"

For chic shoes in all their glory click here (it's going to take you to Zara, and you won't be able to stay "No"). 

{earrings} under $100 {a new molly obsession}

Rose Gold - $68

I'm just getting into to "dangly" earrings. I've always been a studs girl. I wore my diamonds for two years straight, until at 23 I would finally switched them out with pearls, this year at 25 I moved my way into big ball Tory Burch studs, and now I've finally realized the benefit of experimenting with earrings. With my hair in a lose chignon and red lipstick, having a pair that delicately hangs can pull my whole outfit together. I tested out my look with a $5.99 pair from target, I loved them, so I spent a little more on my next pair. The best part is that earrings like this don't have to be expensive to look fabulous! I prefer keeping the colors subtle and not going all out in brights!  Here are some of my favorite finds (and yes, they are budget friendly - all under $100!
Kendra Scott $75

ONLY $18!

Hammered Hoops $40

April 1, 2012


It's been March Madness giveaway galore, and I'm now I'm excited to move into April with a wonderful beauty giveaway courtesy of JAFRA and Melissa McNallan! The total value of this giveaway is $70! You can also visit Melissa's JAFRA Page here.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail! 

Giveaway ends Friday, April 6th!

Here are the details on the JAFRA PRO EVEN TONE:
A pearlescent lotion instantly illuminates, improves complexion radiance, increases complexion clarity, and reduces the intensity of the appearance of discolorations.

*Clinical Results:

  • After a single application, an immediate effect was observed for skin radiance, luminosity and velvety aspects.
  • After 56 days of twice daily use, 90% of women were satisfied with the overall aspects of the product.
*Based upon consumer evaluations in a clinical study, which also consists of expert evaluations.
 Red Seaweed Extract:
Helps revitalize and normalize stressed skin.
Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein Octenylsuccinate:
Increases skin radiance.
Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C Ester):
Reduces melanin synthesis and thereby reduces age spots and minimizes UVB induced skin redness.
Hexylresorcinol, Ethyl Linoleate:
Helps brighten and even out skin tone. Helps protect skin from long term DNA damage.**
Provides an immediate skin brightening effect.
Improves moisture by boosting ceramide levels. Improves smoothness, brightens skin and reduces irritation.
Tripleurospermum Maritima Extract:
Rich in B Vitamins, Amino Acids and Minerals. All important for normal skin functions. Helps skin to be less reactive.
Carica Papaya and Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extracts:
Helps moisturize skin and promote cell renewal.
Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract:
Imparts superior anti-irritant and anti-oxidant properties.
Arnica Montana Flower Extract:
Provides soothing, calming benefits.
Dipotassium Glycyrrizate:
Anti-irritant. Reduces redness, soothes skin.
*Panel study conducted on 21 female subjects aged between 35 and 65 years, with
wrinkles and fine lines at crow’s feet.
**Ingredient study (Hexylresorcinol) at ¼ concentration is four times more effective
than a leading prescription ingredient.

{you need now} TOPSHOP Jacket

Nothing says Spring like a crisp off-white blazer. This one from TOPSHOP retails for $110 and with it's pretty lapels, that make it distinctly different, it's worth the "spending over $100 mark". I have my eye on this Jacket and plan on ordering it soon! I need to go through my closet and get rid of what I'm not wearing first!

What are you planning on buying this Spring?

{slimming} yummie tummie.

It just so happens that I don't have a perfectly flat stomach. I'm guessing there are a few of you that have this same problem. A few years ago I started hearing one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Mary Rambin, talk about Yummie Tummie. Now Mary is thin (very very fit), so I was wondering what this thin little lady was doing talking about these slimming products. While first they are chic. I bought the boy shorts last week (they come up a little higher than your average boy shots, but are still sexy). They are also sold at stores us bloggers love: Revolve ClothingAsosBloomingdales, and Nordstrom. I'm guessing that you're wondering why would anyone pay $50 for a pair of under garments, while because they can completely change your look. Next on my list is a nude tanktop to wear under (all) my shirts.

Hope this didn't get awkward. :)