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April 15, 2012

{AWARxE} this isn't fashion.

There is nothing pretty or fashionable about the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, and here I am mixing a bit of work and play (and passionate cause) together. This blog is my outlet for fun (for non-work related type things), but I'd like to take some time to explain to you part of an epidemic that you most likely have heard about in recent news stories. Did you know that 70% of those that abuse prescription medications steal them from family or friends? Or that there are 11,000 online pharmacies in Canada, of those - 300 are LEGAL.

If you live in Rochester, Minnesota: I ask that you please pay attention to your surroundings this week. AWARxE and Caribou Coffee have teamed up to bring our community information about how to safely use prescription medication.

Also: April 28, 2012 is the National Drug Take Back Event. Find a site near you here.

*NO. You can not safely dispose of medications by throwing them in the trash, down the sink, or flushing them. They must be handled by law enforcement and placed in a certified incinerator.

If you live in Rochester and stop into Caribou tomorrow make sure to tweet @McKerihan the hashtag #AWARxE and let me know what you think!

For more information visit:

AWARxE Website
"LIKE" AWARxE on Facebook
Watch AWARxE PSA's


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