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April 17, 2012

{chevron wall} by Katherine Stiles

I've recently become obsessed with interior design. I walked into my parents house Easter weekend and asked my mom where my sister and dad were, "They went to go get me an iPad!!! I wanted to look at blogs on house and interior design stuff so I needed one!!!!!" I guess it runs in the family.  The beau and I just rented a gigantic house (we're talking (three floors and a basement) and I want to make sure I actually make it feel like a home, so when my co-worker introduced me a blog of her niece's friend - I was insanely inspired. Then Katherine told me she was painting a chevron wall in her guest bedroom and my heart skipped several beats. I consider chevron to be my favorite color (yes, I know it's a pattern). is a wonderful mix of lifestyle tips and beautiful design. I asked Katherine to share some pictures of her project with me and I know you'll be as blown away as me!

Stunning. I know! 

I asked Katherine to share a bit of info with me. It turns out this is her guest bedroom in her home (feel free to invite my over - anytime doll)! It only took her SIX hours total (that includes all prep work), I assumed it would have taken hours and hours and hours! She specifically chose this wall, because it wouldn't be broken up by a window or door. 

Check out the beautiful blog of Katherine Stiles right HERE!  Her blog also has a lot more specifics on how to create a wall like this in your own home!! 


jayemmtee said...

umm.. this is AMAZING!!

ashlyn williams said...

WOW love this! i will have to check her blog out!