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April 10, 2012

{GuiltyStar} luxe for less.

I’m a big fan of fancy, uber-expensive brand names, but let’s be honest with one another, my bank account isn’t always free flowing with hundreds of dollars to spend on trendy accessories, is yours? If so, I’m jealous!
That’s why GuiltyStar is such a blessing for those of us that love that look of luxury, but don’t always have the budget for it. Above you will find four of my favorite GuiltyStar pieces, and four of my favorite high end designers.
My personal favorite is the “At a Cross Necklace”, my boyfriend gave me a very similar necklace for my birthday, in sterling silver, so you know I will be purchasing the GuiltyStar gold version! At $20 it’s not hard to justify. My favorite part of this post: if you add up all of theGuiltyStar pieces they cost less than one of the luxe pieces featured!
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